Have you meet Mr Seagal?!

Have you Meet or seen Mr Seagal?

  • Yes I saw him + meet him (didnt talk to him)

    Votes: 2 4.4%
  • Yes I meet him and talkt to him

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  • I meet him

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  • Noo :(

    Votes: 26 57.8%
  • I just saw him

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The Adventurer

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I haven’t met him but I saw him a few times at an exclusive hostess club I am a member of in Bangkok, Thailand a few years ago. Oddly Jean-Claude Van Damme is a regular there also, I always wondered what would have happened if they ran into each other there (maybe they would have a foursome, lol)


I continue to meet Steven Seagal everytime i come to this site and read what all you wonderful fans have to share about such a warm , loving , kind, compassionate, sexy, philanthropic , actor/musician . what a man!
Happy Easter to you all.


Thank you halkush,this is very nice and great from you.
Thanks my friend and Happy Easter for you to.

Beyond Hope

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I live in Ashland, Ore, very close to Mt. Shasta. I have always hoped to run into him on the streets of our town. I vizualized pressing my palms together and saying "tashi deleg, Tu Jiji" which is Tibetan for" hello"and "thank you", and allowing the man his space. Well he did pass through the streets of our town recently. I was not there. Some idiot walked up to him and asked if he was Jean Claude Van Dam, which he naturally found to be very insulting. Why oh why was some moron chosen, instead of me?


I see him in september 2006 in forestnational brussels ,whit his band.
He is a very lovely man and avery good musian.


I saw him in Worthing, Sussex. He played with his band, I was in the front of him, he looked at me and I turned away I was so nervous he is great and a good sense of humour, love you steven sorry I turned away, Love you very much keep up the good work you do. xxx Enza from Peacehaven in England.


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I meet him, talked to him in a Shopping Mall, he was pretty kind, and the only problem was that he didn't smiled on the photo:)


Steven Seagal is avery fantastic musian and singer,and i hope he comes
back to belguim and i hope in Antwerp, i have see him on stage in Brussels.

CDR Krill

I have met him. I spit in his soup and he then punched me. I secured him in the meat locker because we had a party to attend.