hi, i'm new!!!!!


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Hi, my name is Brit, but most people call me Lee Church! I'm 26, even though everyone tells me i look 20, it must be the years of vigorous martial arts training! Here's a my pic, judge for yourself! :D

I like doing martial arts, but i mentioned that already, didn't i, LOL! For years, i worshipped Steven Seagal like a god, he's by far my favorite actor and martial artist! I've always devouted my training to become as good as he is, but i'm starting to think that's impossible, LOL! :p I always meditate and do my aikido in the nude, it brings me closer to my spiritual self, and i think improves my skill even further yet! Other people think my ways are odd, but they just dont understand! I wouldn't be surprised if steven did the same LOL! :D

BTW, these smilies are AWESOME LOL! who made them?


Hi, Brit. Welcome to the board! There are several other members here who are also involved in martial arts. We have quite a variety of people here and I'm sure you'll really enjoy yourself. It's a great place to be. Have fun!


P.S. Nice looking picture, btw.



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Welcome Brit, I have been told that I look very young too...
Serena, nice siggy photo!
hmmm, Steven Seagal in the nude doing meditations and aikido?
Now that's a very interesting thought! :D