Hull Low


Hey all,

Hope everyone is well and feeling good (or being felt good!!):D

seem to have a little trouble posting in this forum so hope it goes through.

give me a little while to read the forums and get used to all this newstuff.

Site looks great Craig, well done!!

Glad to see so many here, looking forward to some good posts and a good ol chat in the chatroom.

see you soon



I Belong To Steven
:) Welcome back, kokoro...This thread must have a mind of it's own, or I must have missed it...Good to see you, around... Hope we all can chat sometime, too...Does anyone ever go to the chat?


Thanks for the welcome.

I'll try to be in chat about 4 hrs from the posting time of this post, unfortunately I can't stay long, 15 mins or so....see you there perhaps.

Mama San

I was just there and it worked for me.
It could have been any number of things causing it not to
load properly.
Please try again and see what happens.
God bless,
Mama san


I Belong To Steven
Yes, it's still there....Lonely but there....Course we don't need it now, thanks to Craig...No offense Amos...:)