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Hi there,

I'm desperately trying to track down a documentary on Steven Seagal that was made by some of his pupils. I saw it on VHS a few months ago and am desperate to purchase it - preperably on DVD, but just don't know where to get it??????

It had absolutely wonderful footage of him in class, training etc - nothing to do with his movies..

If you know what this documentary is called..i think (A Tribute ot Steven Seagal) or even better, where to get it from, I'd really be appreaciative.

My e-mail is schmulick@hotmail.com



Yes, I don't think that the dvd version of "The Path Beyond THought" is available...

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Welcome, and hello Sam. I do hope you like the forum, and the site. Enjoy!! ;)

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The only documentary I have on Mr. Seagal is the biography off the E! channel.