Martial-Arts Mat Sanitization

Donald Lee Wilkey

A Steven Seagal fan
Has anyone ever accepted an 'advertised' onetime offer to train for a free course at a martial arts training hall and discovered the aroma was disgusting from the body/foot sweat leeching into the mat or carpeting? I have and I got to confess that polyeurythane or carpet for training is very unclean and unappealing to my sinuses if the owner/instructor doesn't have good body cleanliness skills for self and others. I can see why some martial arts training halls use varnished wood slat floors. Does anyone know what cleansing agents are used for MA training halls' sanitizations of their mats or carpets and is it a successful type of sanitization used in today's martial arts training halls to help clean up the foul stench as well?


Staff member
I don't know about cleaning carpets, but at most dojos I've been to, generally speaking, the floors that are surround the practice area are usually wood or cork. We put down rubber backed mats in the winter time to catch snowy boots, and those are vacuumed weekly. The tatami we wash with water and vinegar, which seems to do the trick for sanitizing and freshening, and is natural and non-toxic.