Maximum Conviction


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I have to be honest. I my opinion Steven doesn't look good in that suit. It makes him look fat. I also think he can't move fast in that suit.
half past dead was the movie your thinking off anyway can't wait for maximum conviction should be a good movie and i feel seagal is producing better quality movies while getting back to his aikido roots


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Thanks! I saw some bad CGI in the trailer. and I also think Seagal doesn't have much screentime...It looks okay to me, but not great!
I think it is better to watch WITHOUT sound. They really need to use some better music and intensity in the trailer to better promote it. But all-in-all....looks good!


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Ah, at last. It doesn't look too bad. The cgi yes was a little bit too obvious, but I liked the laugh at the end from Seagal. He seems like he has put a little bit of personality into the character, not just dryly delivering the lines. Could be better than "Born to Raise Hell" at the least, without the rapid fire editing.


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Ive been trying to figure out when this movie is going to be out or if its already online somewhere but can't find it.
I seen a few people mad that Seagal is doing a movie with Steve Austin but in all honesty some of Steve Austins movies were pretty good, Recoil, Damage and Hunt for Kill were all ok, Recoil I think being the best, Tactical Force was awful, they tried to be funny and it just did not work out. If they made a straight up action movie it could of been decent. I thought I seen the Stranger but I just googled the trailer and now I can't remember it.
I love B action movies, as long as they are watchable and not to cheesy so sometimes I forget which ones I seen because Ive seen so many