Mojo Priest - The Album - Sales?-


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I would love to see Master Steven Seagal AKA The Mojo Priest receiving an award for this terrific album...

A Gold Disc would be a well deserved accolade and trophy !

Anyone knows what are the sales figures ( approximately) of the album Mojo Priest ? Worldwide sales...

These are stats I would love to know...

How many albums sold in the US, UK, France, Holland, Japan...etc...

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UK fans needed to see Big George Brock

I would high recommend you see one of his shows. Steven record him on video.

Last night show at the Shannon Center in Jackson, TN was pretty darn good.
Put it this way when he started singing "Get your mojo workin", well the next thing you know he was on his knees blow'in his harp and a few seconds later he was darn near laying on stage blowing it.

The place came alive as most had never see such a top act. Most that roll thru this festival are just rock n' roll bands with somebody blowing the harp - which was what the prior band was - they stunk!

But, thankfully Big George Brock - well essential made the evening.

Too bad, they didn't have "Super Chikan" there as well as.


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One of his shows!!! I mean, ALL OF THEM !!! LOL.

But, PLEASE bring along some hot looking ladies, as it makes the music all that much better and the band is responsive to it, as well. SERIOUSLY.


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Hey Everyone:)I'm listening to Mojo Priest its great;)Can't wait to get his next one:yin: Crystal Cave


Actually Rita you have listened to his two CD first but hey girl thats cool beleive me you wont be disappointed in Crystal Cave...i hope he does an third?.. so how about it Steven pretty please be an sweet heart and do another CD real soon...