Much trouble for Robert Conrad!!

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Actor Robert Conrad Paralyzed as Result of Calif. Wreck

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Actor Robert Conrad, the star of the 1960s TV series 'The Wild Wild West,' was left partially paralyzed by a car accident in which he is accused of drunken driving, officials said on Wednesday as they agreed to delay a court hearing in his case.

A spokesman for his agent said Conrad's paralysis was not permanent and he was expected to leave a physical rehabilitation facility soon.

Conrad, 68, was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after his vehicle collided with another automobile on March 31 in northern California. Police said Conrad's blood alcohol level far exceeded legal limits. Both he and the other driver were hospitalized.

Jeffrey Tuttle, Calaveras County district attorney, said the case would be delayed until June 10. 'Our normal practice is, when we receive a letter from someone signed by a doctor that medically they are unable to attend, we normally give them one continuance,' he said.

Conrad, a former Chicago dockworker, is perhaps best known for starring in the series 'The Wild Wild West' as James West, a U.S. Secret Service agent. He has also appeared in dozens of films and the 1970s fighter-pilot drama 'Baa Baa Black Sheep.'

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Sorry to hear this news Grandma C-me a big fan of that tv series & do hope for a speedy recovery for him..but ever since he showed himself an idiot on those old battle of the network stars on tv..lost respect for him


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Used to love that show, because my mom watched it a lot, I was really young at the time though...What dozens of films has he been in? I have no idea... I guess it was not too serious an accident, that's good...But hopefully he won't be drinking and driving ever again!

Amos Stevens

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... aka "Black Sheep Squadron" (1977) (new title)
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"Hawaiian Eye" (1959) TV Series .... Tom Lopaka (1959-1963)
Thundering Jets (1958) .... Lieutenant 'Tiger Bob' Kelly


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Amos, you've impressed me. I have always liked Robert Conrad and knew about his three most popular TV shows but never guessed he'd been in all those films! Truly amazing. Thanks for the info.:)
luv & peace