Movies Out For A Kill Released And Reviewed


Out For A Kill has been released on DVD across the world.

The movie has had mixed reviews, in my opinion it is a good movie, it is not Steven Seagal's best movie ever, but it is okay. You can read this site's members reviews here.

You can purchase the dvd from most decent retailers. Here's the direct links at - Region 1 // Region 2



I Belong To Steven
I wish the film great success all over the world!
I adore you, Steven! May you always be blessed!


Be your self...
thanks Craig!
i liked you OFAK review, especially when you rate it higher than TH and HPD...very intresting......can´t wait until the movie lies in my DVD player ;)
i will get my copy any day now :D


I Belong To Steven
You can order new VHS tapes of OFAK
on from a 3rd party seller...
They are around $30-$35 that is where
I got mine...


Amos Stevens said:
Yeah I rather have the good old VHS version too,but haven't found it yet....

Me too, Amos, but did you see this quote from Amazon if bought directly through them? Like Lotus said, Amazon is offering it through a 3rd-party seller much cheaper. Yahoo is offering it through a 3rd-party seller at $66.99. It will be a miracle if it does anything in sales at this price, at least for the first six months. Ridiculous. - Serena

Out for a Kill (2003)
List Price: $103.99
Price: $103.99 & This item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. See details.
Why is this video so expensive?
It was priced by the studio for the rental market. The price often drops to under $30 within 6 months of its video release date. When the studio lowers the price of the movie, we'll adjust its price in our store. But if you love it, and want it now, we want you to have it. Enjoy!


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My DVD is under $30, from B&N (about $40 Canadian, with shipping).

I haven't got any more room to store VHS tapes, and I prefer seeing movies in anamorphic widescreen rather than formatted for tv, anyhow.

Hooray for DVDs, I say!

-TD, needing a bigger place for her stuff

Amos Stevens

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Well I hold out usually for them to go on sale in the regular I said,Walmart had the DVD for sale,just not the VHS..Walmarts cost was $19.99


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Is this a new movie, or has my addled brain missed one. I thought I had them all. If new I'd like to see it be fore I take off again.


I Belong To Steven

It's a new one, released on the 19th of Aug...
Seems our beloved Steven is churning them out quickly, these days...
He sure is determined...
You've got to love him, I know I do...

For reference the DVD cover looks like this...:)



Hi i must be
behind abit i
havent seen
this one bummer?
do u know when it will be
in australia?
i dont want to miss it.