Quotes From Premier Magazine 1992


[on the West’s ignorance of the martial arts]
“Yes I think the west is very ignorant about the martial arts but as is usually the case, ignorance comes about from lack of knowledge. Its that failure of knowing about the unknown that leads people to just assume and presume. Before Bruce Lee came along no one had popularized kung fu or karate like he did, but it was treated as if it was something new and something from outer space. The same is with aikido, when I first brought my experiences of aikido to the US, many people thought I had invented it and were shocked to find out it was the brainchild of a little Japanese man back before the second world war. If I can bring education to peoples perception of aikido and make them seek out the practitioners and the shihans who developed it as an art form, then you know, ive done my job, and I can be satisfied at that”

[on making action movies] “I think they are stupid. People want entertainment for their buck and they have to be straight ahead fun, not too deep and overlong. Im trying to add more layers to that genre you know because while some people like your stallones and your schwarzneggers can clone those kind of movies because they sort of invented it, I cant. I have to sort of make my own way you know, sort of make myself unique, which is why I go for something more grounded and earthy”

[On Under Siege] “The important thing about a film like this one is that it takes me out of my niche, which is the action picture, people will go to see this film and not expect a martial arts movie, not a steven seagal picture, but just something just that entertains. And afterwards they might want to see my earlier pictures and other stuff I will do in the future. It gets you currency which is important if you want to be taken seriously as an actor who happens to be in action movies. I don’t want to be known as a martial artist who acts a bit, but hopefully one day as an actor who happens to know martial arts”

Donald Lee Wilkey

A Steven Seagal fan

thanks for this magazine explanation of Steven Seagal's experience with acting and making films in the cinematic art form


Sadly, this interview was fourteen years ago, when he made so much sense. In those days he was an artiste who could command respect and was very credible. Today, he is a mumbling, paranoid man who lives more and more in a fanasy world, and who only comes alive with his music. How i wish the old Seagal could return.


No doubt it was open to some kind of criticizem. Have you noticed that anything remotely contentious, either disapears, or the thread is locked so that no further comments can be made. I really can't understand why, surely healthy debate, is much better for everyone, even SS if he should read it, but believe me, he won't be distressed by anything he reads here, his ego cushions him completely!


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big gulps huh
it's funny reading that interview, he hopes to one day be an actor who knows martial arts...well he sure did F that up, I don't even think he ever tried.