Rambo4 Teaser:what Do You Think About It?


Oh man, I was looking forward to this film anyway, but after seeing this trailer (about 10 times!) I`m counting the days down. I never imagined that it would be so shockingly violent or realistic. Don`t understand why it`s gonna take so long to come out, but I`m sure it`ll be sooo worth it. All in all.... I CANNOT WAIT!!! I`m off to watch the trailer again.

Adios, amigo`s
Looks like an old fashioned R rated action film from days gone by. Maybe we need to get Seagal on some Human Growth Hormones too and he can at least make the final Under Siege.
I like the look of it though and I did'nt care much for the last Rocky. Looking forward to this though.

j mclane

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Even at an R/18 cert, i cant see them getting away with shooting someone to pieces, i hope they do though, it looks superb, and proves just because you are getting older and a bit bigger, you can still produce some good action.


It looks as dumb as the other RAMBO films, but with greater bloodletting. Next thing you know, Chuck Norris will be bringing Braddock back...
This looks so totally awesome, this and Die Hard 4.0! It's about time Hollywood started churning out pure action flicks instead of all this horror and rom/com nonsense