Re-watching Seagal's movies w/Vern's Book


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Hey, everyone. I just recently purchased Vern's Book "Seagalogy" and have decided to go back and watch all of Seagal's movies again (Even those not in the book) in accordance. So far, I'm through:

Urban Justice
The Foreigner
A Good Man
Sniper: Special Ops
Executive Decision
On Deadly Ground
Code of Honor
Under Siege 2
Driven to Kill
Force of Execution
Mercenary for Justice
Kill Switch
Born to Raise Hell
Out of Reach
Flight of Fury
End of a Gun
Pistol Whipped

I think the worse of these is Mercenary of Justice, honestly, but Kill Switch and Flight of Fury are not great, either. I don't see Ticker, Sniper, and Submerged as bad as people say, especially Submerged which I enjoyed a lot. I always have a hard time getting into Executive Decision, too. My favorites from these are: The Foreigner, A Good Man, Code of Honor, and Urban Justice. Feel free to chime in with your own opinions on the movie/book.


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Watched Shadow Man last night. This movie is a lot better than I recall it being. It was largely forgettable to me the first time. The action sequences are really solid and besides the rather convoluted plot, was enjoyable. I wish we had to got to see the film for the original script for this movie, however!


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Watched Marked for Death, this time. Such a great movie, but it's a bit hard to watch cause I've seen it so many times. You also find yourself looking for a Seagal double cause of his DTV movies in his older ones. This was also the first Seagal movie I ever watched so long ago.


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I bought that book about two years ago, made me chuckle at times and also, like yourself, go back and watch some of his films again. I do get a good entertainment value out of some of his straight to dvd films, it has to be said. Always amusing moments whether spotting doubles, listening out for bad voice dubbing, awful editing, bad acting, poor effects, etc. Never a dull moment haha.

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Just FYI, in my dubbed version of Born to Raise Hell (presumably from Bulgaria) the meta title is "Badger Force." I wonder if that's what they call it in Bulgaria.