Seagal Is Up For Some Expendables Action.


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As we touched on before, his exclusion so far is more to do with rifts with the Lerners than Seagal's ego. It seems if he is able to appear in either 3, or 4 (which is inevitable if the 3rd is a success), then he will. But this offers a little clarity to a few of the naysayers who just think Seagal couldn't be bothered.

It's the first time we've really had an acknowledgement from Seagal about why he hasn't appeared so far, and whether he does want to. So this is fairly postitive.

Obviously it may not still happen, because Lerner is probably twice as stubborn a man as Seagal, but if Sly can swing it, who knows? The idea of Seagal appearing post credits in 3, to set up a villain role in 4 does sound plausible, and good.


Yep, I just saw this news too. I had a feeling it was Lerner that was keeping Seagal out. He sounds like a real Pissant, to put it lightly. I though Sly could have overuled Lerner but I guess not. If he was'nt able to overrule Lerner this time I doubt he would ever be able to do it. We need to get Lerner's e-mail and voice our disapproval of Seagal not being in the franchise. It would be great to see him cameo at the end of 3 to set up a main villain role in the 4th movie though. Hey, we can dream right?


Disgruntled fan!
Not even Sly can overrule Lerner. Avi's really headstrong, for better and worse. Their court case was so heavily publicized.
However the glimmer of hope is that at one stage Lerner might see that Seagal's inclusion could raise the expectation of the film enough to warrant his inclusion. Van Dammes inclusion sparked interest. The fourth film needs star names, and Seagal can provide a name that will interest people.
Id still say chances are small but you never know.


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I'm not holding my breath but a cameo in a scene not unlike Jason Statham's one in Fast and Furious 6 would be really awesome.

It could happen when they're doing Reshoots/Pickupshoots in 2014, nobody would expect it so it is the perfect opportunity to sneak an cameo in EX3 which would lead to his role as the villain in EX4, but again, I highly doubt it will happen ..