Television Steven Seagal Stars in First Reelz Original Series, True Justice

Spring of 2012 is going to see a new brand of crime fighting coming to ReelzChannel. The first original scripted series for the network, True Justice premieres March of next year and stars the big-screen action hero Steven Seagal as Elijah Kane. The story will follow Kane, who leads a hardcore undercover team of Seattle based cops as they take on gangs, drug lords, and crime syndicates. Seagal, who brings his signature style of crime fighting to the small screen, is excited about his new project.
I've been blessed with great success in the world of movies. Now with True Justice, I believe I have the perfect vehicle for a hit show in world of scripted television. My fans are going to get all of the adrenaline and entertainment they have come to expect from any project I’ve been involved with. This show is like nothing else on TV and I’m excited that it has found a home on Reelz.
Seagal, whose movies have grossed more than $2 billion at the box office over the past two decades, is a seventh-degree black belt Aikido master. Seagal will bring his real world experience to the show, having been a fully commissioned deputy in Louisiana for the past 20 years.
Seagal's Kane will not be bringing the bad guys to justice alone. His team includes Deputy Sarah Montgomery (Sarah Lind), a rookie who wants to earn the respect of her colleagues, and Brett Radner (Warren Christie), a loose canon who comes from a long line of cops. Meghan Ory plays another team member whose good looks belie her hard-nosed tactics and fiery nature, while William 'Big Sleeps' Stewart is Andre Mason, a by-the-book cop and family man who struggles to find balance in his work and home life. Kane will lead as they take on the local criminal element in high-octane style, though a few team members will need to be kept in check.
Catch True Justice's big-screen-style action only at Reelz this spring. ReelzChannel is Dish 299, DirecTV 238, and available on your cable system.

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Wow! You posted the promo before anyone got to see it in tonight's broadcast on Reelz!

Yes D Zac...Craig is definitely a real fan....but Barbara Ann is also a fan....and slightly twisted, as my "colorful" remarks here on this site would suggest...

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oh Barbara Ann dont ever change girl if people dont like you here there the one with the problem i think your an great person give me plenty of laughs ..hell i think were all abit twisted no one on this earth is 'normal' i actually got to see this clip and what i saw i liked my taste buds jumping for more:)