Music Steven's New Album "MOJO PRIEST"


Tracklisting :

1-She Dat Pretty 3.44
2-Red Rooster 3.29
3-Gunfire In A Juke Joint 3.44
4-My Time Is Numbered 4.19
5-Dark Angel 3.57
6-Alligator Ass 4.03
7-Talk to My Ass 3.51
8-Love Doctor 3.40
9-Hoochie Koochie Man 4.25
10-Barbeque 3.25
11-Dust My Broom 4.38
12-Shake 3.28
13-Slow Boat To China 8.46

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* USA Version


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Die Hard Seagal fan!
Hey everyone,

I was a little bit busy with school and stuff, but here I'am ;)
I would like to say to you folks, that I'm in possesion of Mojo Priest since a few days ago!!!!!! And I'm really happy with it, I like especially the songs I already knew, such as 05 - Dark Angel, 08 - Love Doktor 09 - Hoochie Koochie Man, It's nice to hear them in full length.

greets take-sensei
Great Album, Steven is in "shape" in this. But like with any other albums I liked the first one the most :) I hope he will start making movies as good as he makes music .


Wierna Fanka Stevena
Album Steven "Mojo Priest" is admirable and song "Shake","barbeque","hoochie koochie man" beauty song "slow boat to china".Acting good on guitar.Steven is best. :)


O.K anoli........
The whole album is excellent..... in spite the fact I only hearded from the downloaded mp3, I can not wait for my delaid copy.


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New Member
HI everyone, I am going to see seagal this week! on thursday!!! At wolverhampton in the UK, I actually have a spare ticket so if anyone is interested please contact me ASAP!

cant wait till thursday woohoo


Hi All,
Just joined the site and thought I'd pop in and say Hi.
Just got my copy of the new Album and I agree its great. Flavours of Blues greats influencing it and a little reminiscent of Chris Rea in parts.Can't wait until March for the concert at Blackburn.
Hope to here more about Steven's stage presence during these concerts

Mama San

Welcome to the board, Nico!!!
God bless,
Mama san


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get this let me know?

hey steve this is gwen katt from temagami first nation bear island, wanna let you know that you were great at rama i got 2 free tickets so i brought my sister in law Lillian Birtch and my brother Joe Katt. we had a ball hope to see you soon at rama again. I like the picture that Joe took of you. thanks gwen Katt (Duck)


New Member
steven seagal 1994 -calendar august

I think that he is realy sexey in this calendar of him in august 1994 and i also like the one where he is wearing sexey bluejeans white shirt black waist jacket oh is there anyaway that you could get this message to him for the reason i;m asking is because i;ve been one sick lady and i would like it if he would say aprayer for me so i can start to feel better sign velda

not sick in the head ether but the kind of sick of not feeling good in my body that kind of sickness and that why i would like it if he could pray for me thats all sign velda shaffer


New Member
GoodMorning All:) I was wondering can you buy Steven's CD's at any store or do you have to buy them on his web site?:yin:


well i have both of these cd and i love them, my fav is she that pretty and slow boat to china


bring it on big guy
i love this album i find it really relaxin to sit and listen too so does my 3 week old son he settles down straight away when i put it on lol i love his voice it sounds so sexy x x x x x


I agree i was listening to both his cd's the other day when i was doing my mundane house work and listening to that voice made things alot better...that song 'BETTER MAN'
he says us girls should find an better man then him but my oppinion there aint no better man then you Steven...we all have faults you know..


bring it on big guy
i agree deffinatly no other better men than steven and he always brightens my day weather im cleaning or doing the ironin could watch or listen to him all day x