'The Kiss'


Now before any one goes off thinking by the name of this one its going to be soppy and all that how mistaken are you its going to have lots of blood, blood ohh and some blood..plus good old fashioned sex..voilence...now whats this one called>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The storyline of >>>> ' The Kiss' >>>>

While digging in some old diamond mines two men break through to an burial crypt where they come across 5 coffins dating back to the days of creatures of the dark ..an museum wants them to be put on display and one night when an full moon came round all hell broke lose how can any one control 5 horny, wild, wicked, woman whom have just be woken from there sleep ?? no one can thats whom if they tried they would get 'The Kiss'...

and when the time comes for the warlocks to finish what they started many years oh just bring it on..


First the 5 bad girls...

Karen.......( Rani)

Su...........( Angelique)

Anneliese..( Selene)

Orangatuang..( Faith)

Myst.............( Josette)

the good girls ( well sort of)

Suziwong......( Betty)


TD...............( Jennifer)

Irish Girl........( Lisa)

Tspoons........( Sandy)

Chrissy..........( Gina)

The guys ...( just very bad guys )

John Lucas.....( Luke)

Craig Robertson..( John)

Storm..............( Matthew)

Joe Halpin.........(Mark)

Steven Seagal...( Joshua)

thats all iam including in this one>> when i next write the saga begins..

slight change to my story ..not the first time i will do that and not the last the guys aint warlocks just guys whom have only one thing in mind other then killing and thats just being bad..


'The Kiss' written by Heather.K.Crisp.....( Orangatuang)

It was an hot sticky night and the local pub was full of hot sweaty workers from the diamond mines ..they worked long hard days from dawn to dusk ..and they deserved to quench there thirst sitting in an corner were there two old farts (men) just talking about how broke they were and needed money but no one would hire them because they were one over the hill and not what was needed so the silly twits decided to go and hit the mines them selves that night .stupid stupid stupid....

But when do males ever listen any way and when there pissed out of there brains well what can one say..they walked or should i say stumbled out to there truck yes being males they did get behind the wheel..they already had mining gear in there truck so there were going to go to the mines wether any one wanted them or not ..they knew an back way to get to the mines and no one saw them go any way so they wouldnt be missed ..when they got to the mines they seemed to have sobered up an bit they got they mining sh.it and starting walking off when one went back to lock up the truck ..fair enough but when locking up an vehicle it would be good to wind up the windows wouldnt it ..( : like i said males !!!

When they got to the mine they turned on the torches and walked in ve ry carefully as tools and sh.it was lying every where not good ..any way they soon came across some small diamonds in the mine wall they had to be careful when trying to chip the diamonds out with hand tools one of the guys was lwaning on this old piece of timber and it gave way and him going with it his friend all he could see was dust but heard his friend calling out he you have to see this when the dust had settled they could see that they had come across some thing more valuable then diamonds they had came across an burial crypt and when they very carefully swept the dust off with an there sleeves they could see the coffins went way way way back to the 18th century there were five coffins with all female names written on them..

Really the old farts were lucky because the next few days the mines were closed as the workers had earned it..so that was an good time for them to get there asses into gear and get som eone whom knows about things they have just come across...so the next few days an couple of people from the museum from the city came to look at what the big deal was about and on eof the people was an historian that knew some of what this crypt was about the old farts had actually stumbled across an crypt full of vampires ..sh.it they said... oh sh.it indeed ...

Wont that be the talk of the town that two old and surposed to be past it came across an find like this its going to make them very rich old men...not to mention that they would be on the front of every paper in the country and not to forget TV oh yes they lucky old farts...

This was really going to put this little mining town on the map will get alot of tourists and over seas people coming to see where the find was found and then they will have to go to the city to see for themselves what the big deal was about..as always there is always going to be non believers but tahst ok let them learn the hard way..

In the next few days the little town was an buzzin with people from all around the country and over seas the poor local pub was chokka block full some people were even camping out under the stars ..amongst the vistors from over seas were an couple whom came across as freaky all dressed in black and very pale... there was an male and female in there early thirties but looks can be decieving because if they were from the old land they could be alot alot older..why not have the dead walking amongst the living if that was the case no one noticed they were just all excited the poeple of this little town..

as night drew near the dust had settled from all the people walking and celebrating and all were turned in all but those two vistors they went to the mines were the coffins were found and what they worst expected that the old farts had come across the most 5 feared female vampires in history..and now taht they coffins were going to me on display in an bloody museum ..these vampires as history goes made Dracula look like an pussy ...and if these bit.ches were awoken after such an long sleep of couple hundred years boy wouldnt they be cranky ...and what is one looking for when they awake in the morning to start the day FOOD..
At the opening of this exbition there were an few very important people to be there like the old farts that found the crpyt the curator of the museum and an couple of other up them selves kinda people..the two visitors were there too as they knew all hell would break lose as humans are very greedy and want more ..unbeknown amongst the guests was an direct relative to Faith the head bit.ch of the vampires and she knew that once again her kind will reign supreme ..and Faith had to kill her love as he was human and it had to be kill or be killed and she won she gave him 'The Kiss' these vampires were not just your normal run of the mill vampires when they bit they victims they realeased an gene that would kill there victims and not turn there victims to one of them as you think thats what normally happens but why should the girls play with there prey ..straight to the kill the more they struggle the more fun for the girls..once 'The Kiss' happens you are history...


With all thie excitement happening around the diamond mines if only the bothered to go further into were they had found those 5 coffins they would have come across an stable where there laid hidden and they be 5 stables each and every one had been closed off some how and by the looks of things the horses were you could say buried alive ..when the word got out back came the media and big knobs that knew nothing about some thing...when they talked an couple of miners to open up the stable doors you would have thought it wouldnt be an real good sight but to say there nothing but shock on the faces of the miners and media would be no bull.sh.it ..

Even the camera man whom was filming couldnt be live his eyes the horses were al standing up and some how they had become mummified in there day they would have been beautiful creatures there were 4 pure whites ones at one stage and 1 black as the ace of spades of course the greedy museum curator wanted them too all he could see was money didnt give an jack sh.it about the history of these woman or the horses of course not after all that what an museum is for isnt amongst other things..

As history goes horses feared vampires BUT not this horses these horses were the girls steeds because when the got the horses back to the museum they noticed that burnt into the horses neck were the female vampires names..and nooooooo they were not vampires horses come thats silly these horses were just loyal beasts..more then one can say for the human race..


All this news was getting alot of good attention and also some very much unwanted attention..as during the new addition to the museum an black chrysler 300 had parked across from the museum and out got 4 blokes all dressed in black and looking very official
they just pushed the way through the media and paying people and walked up the steps to enter the museum the security guys tried to stop them but got put down in one blow
the curator told them to f*** off but that just fell on deaf eyes and he got an smack in the mouth for his troubles he may be an di.ck.head this curator but he was protecting what was his..these guys went straight to were the horses and vampires laid and they meant business ...one of the guys by the name of Luke asked' what is the password?' no way was that going to be given up John said'If i was you mate i would tell us?' still no answer just as they were going to kick the f**** out of the poor guy the cops came gee whats new there always late...and when theseguys were escorted out John said' bad move' we will be back ...and with that got into there car and went ..one of the media said when they walked by his camera played up...


Next bit coming soon..just thought i would leave you some thing to sink your teeth into
but hands off Steven or should i say (Joshua) he is mine..


After they left the camera started working properly and things got back to normal as it were... after all was done and dusted the crowd dispersed ..in the following few days people packed the museum just to see the newest edition(s) creepy as it was but i think every one has an little weirdness in them even Joshua...

the girls had there own veiwing room and there steeds were on veiw across the hall across the ages time was kind to the horses you would think they would have rot away but noooo some thing freaky happened and they stayed in tact..sort of..every day at closinn time an alarm would go off letting the public know to leave but this day amongst the public were an couple of stragglers that decided to stay behind by hiding in the toilets and when the guards came to check they didnt see that these two guys had got up on the toliet seats so the guards couldnt see them what an lazy bunch of guards havent they heard of opening the bloody doors to check..

when the guards had left they guys just waited around to make sure before making ther bold move they headed straight for the vampires theyw ere not there just to be pain in the ass they were they to cause damage they had an bag with glass cutting tools as for the alarm they had this spary with them that would stop the alarm going off they proceeded to cut into the glass being aware all the time once they had got through to where the vampires were they came with cameras ..cant believe the guys whom broke in were media what the ?? they were just wanting more and be the first to have the buzz on this find what media will do this could be there last job they really dont know whet they were messing with..but that would soon be solved..

when one of the guys came through he knicked his finger on the way through on an piece of glass still in tact and why they were taking pics of the vampires coffins and that an few drops of blood dropped onto Faith's coffin and were the blood dropped there was an little hole in the coffin and Faith's mouth was just under neath..the thing with vampires well the vampires i bring to life is that they were never really dead to begin with ...the drops of blood hit Faith's lips slowly soaking in and as the stupid reporter walked around all the coffins adding abit of the elixer of life to all the girls ...what was about to happen next ??


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Heather, you are a hoot, and I wish I could tell stories as well as you.

Yeah, go on - what happens next?


As long as it gets people in and keeps them interested iam happy ..i have done my job as for happens next?? iam going to be such an tease and keep you in suspence ...yes iam an devil by name and devil by nature..


Well we all know know what blokes are like dont we?.. just cant leave well alone and now these guys were going to pay the ultimate price ..there life.. while they were fart assing around biggering if you like they were unaware that the coffins had opened up and the five fiesty famished females were standing there fangs an showing and the blood red eyes the guys new the ass was grass but you know try as they may they couldnt move almost like they were frozen on the spot so easy prey for some wild wild women patient as the girls were they hadnt eaten for an long long while...Faith was the eldest there fore you would think she would feast first but nooo she let the others go first she just gave the signal and its done no one could hear the guys scream not one ounce of blood in there bodies all that was left was an empty shell almost as if they look mummified..the girls put there bodies inside the coffins and nailed them down so as far as public knew the girls were so far from the truth that was..only now the girls have fed they had become frisky hell it had been an long time since they had any action ...ahhh yes they had got an appetite for more then just blood ladies lock up your men...( :


Abit stuck for words right now but dont worry give me an few days iam sure it will come to me and no one will be disappointed...well Steven may be BUT tough cookies...( : just when he thought he was going to get some action umm sorry think again buddy ( : ( :


After Faith and the girls had they full for now they had come across an old rundown factory which looked good enough to make home and have being asleep for an very long time they were all abit out of shape fitness wise so they called it an night and fell asleep the girls were fed up sleeping on some hard surface so they came across some matresses that other people must have slept on in the run down factory and the girls were amune to ant human diseases so they slept soundly that night....when dawn came some how the sun didnt harm them in any way almost like they were more human then vampire but they were caustious though just stayed where they were ..even they were hunters of the night not far away were hunters of them ...

Rani was just checking things out when she thought she saw movement outside so she walked in the shadows and sure enough they was an black hummer out side with an couple of blokes just standing there talking on an mobile and vampires ( well my breed of vampires) have excellent hearing Rani could hear that these blokes were going to be coming in the factory so she had to move and move fast so she leapt from the floor up onto an small walkway in the factory and she just sat like an cat ready to pounce on some very fat butt ugly rats...Selene whom came looking for Rani came across the blokes and they gave cahse what an stupid thing to do not very wise they had cornered Selene with weapons drawn Selene started to show her real self and the guys knew they had stumbled across the mother lode in other words had found what they had been set out to find they knew what she was and had an taser and before she could even lunge at them they tasered her and you really dont think Rani was let them to keep hitting her with the taser for fun did you? hell of course not they blokes didnt know that Rani was they and she made her move she came out of the shadows grabbed one of the blokes and pulled him around and she chowed down that hard just about ripping his head right off the other bloke ran and screamed like an pansy boy but he wasnt going to get far ?? with all the screaming and that brought the other girls attention and they could sense nice, sticky, warm , thick blood and the hunger kicked in again the other bloke did manage to get back to the hummer and get on the radio to whom his boss was but another thing the girls were good at and that was how to handle an bow and arrow whom cares about all these new fangled modern weapons since Selene was the one hunted down she had the privilege to take this ass wipe out so bow and arrow in hand she let rip and got the ***** right in the neck the force went from one side to the other the person on the other side of the radio could hear everything ..the girls came out to the hummer and Josette picked up the hand piece and just said ..'if thats the best you mob of di.cks can do i pity you' and hung up..

They was another reason the girls were hungering for and that was to breed soooo you might think the girl swould be past it oh no thats not the caes at all you see all the girls were in they late 20's when bitten except Faith she is the eldest but she still has the urge and if not more determined to have an baby blood sucker ( : so let the fun and games begin ....


As much as the girls wanted to go out and screw any male with an heart beat they all had there perfect mate in mind.. but that had to wait because business always comes be fore pleasure ..makes the pleasure all worth while..the girls knew they had to move on as soon the old factory would be swarming with feds and cops and those other kind of men whom were not all they seemed to be oh yes the warlocks they wouldnt be any to pleased that two of they own got there asses kicked by an bunch of girls ...


Without further ado the girls hit the road in an old beat up pick up hey no one would be looking for some hot blood sucking chicks in an beat up pick up thats for sure now if they were in an sports car letting everything hang out sure that would draw attention..not to mention cause an pile up..( :

The girls were just crusing along as for them to have the sun and wind on there faces was an experience as back in the old days they would be crispy critters.. as they were having fun another thing they hadnt had in an lonnnng while they didnt see an cop car hidden behind an huge poster board and they were going an tad over the speed limit...

Faith caught an glimpse of the cop car coming up behind them with his siren on and she wasnt just only beautiful but she did have an brain too so she put on her indicator and pulled off onto the side of the road covering the cops car in dust and stones and sh.it..well she was an learner ( : at driving now at love well she was an old hat at that and she always knew how to strut her stuff.. the cop got out of his car put on his hat and sunnies as he walked to wards the girls he had his hand on his weapon and on his gun too..he must have started to get an woody when he saw the girls ....any way he had to do his thing he came up to the driver and asked for Faith's licence and rego and she said 'what the f** is that?' the cops jaw dropped and said 'excuse me' and again Faith said' what the f*** is that?' the cop said 'please get out of the car' as Faith got out the car she winked at the girls as if to say chill out ladies theres plenty to go around...

Which was true he was quiet chunky and yound about late twenties not really what the girls wanted but hey beggars cant be chosers..as Faith stepped out of the car she may be an short ass but she was well built in all the right places ...and the cop couldnt not help stare at her ample bosom Faith said ' like what you see? ' and the cop with out thinking said 'oh yeah' the girls just bursted out laughing... and Faith said 'do you want to taste?' and once again the cop said 'oh yeah' yes cops are just like men boobs get them all the time...

YES cops are NOT the smartest people thats for sure they just want to make them selves look big when really they are just little mice and this one was about to meet his maker...the cop looked into Faiths big brown eyes and he almost like went into an trance and with that the girls got out the car as there wasnt any other cars for miles walked him into the bushes and had there fill he didnt even fight the poor pri.ck...thats how good these girls are ...

after they were done with him they took his body and put it back into the cop car and put him slumped over the steering wheel as if he had an heart attack ..it would be hard to get any finger prints off his body when found cause this vampires dont give anything like that ...they left the scene and proceeded along there way ...only an couple of hours later another cop car came across this one as word must have been sent out that he wasnt responding wonder why? could it be he was umm dead? well der!!! when one of the cops went up to the drivers side door the stench even though he had been dead an couple of hours was ripe and when he pulled the dead cop back his skin was just grey ..his eyes were sunk back into his head and his willy was missing? say what??? guess the girls wanted to keep it as an souvenior ??? when he reported back to the other cop on the radio and said he was dead and his willy was missing the cop on the radio said'oh sure it is?' 'then come see' the cop said ..soooo he got out the cop car and walked like had something up his ass and when he looked he turned around and throw up and they say cops have balls of steel..lol..must be rusty balls..

any way of course they had to call it in and whom was listening in but those other pains in the ass Joshua and his mob...they had actually cut into the cop radio and said that they were special agents and would be there in about an hour...and the head honcho said he had spoken to them and for those two wet behind the ear cops to help the agents in any way...that was an order..any way they turned up like bad pennies there was Joshua, Mark, Luke and John and dont let the good names they have fool you the dont take to nicely to people whom f*** with them
and the fact that it is women whom are making there life hell then its all worth while... nothing like an good cat and mouse game dont you think???? T.B.C.


The girls were getting tired and even they have to get there beauty sleep.. so they came across an motel out in the middle of no where..faith got the girls to just wait till she got back with the keys it was an cheap room $80 an night wasnt bad nice clean room ..had an TV just as well as they turned it on at the right time Joshua and his men were talking you know yakkity yakkity saying they were going to hunt the girls down and bring them in dead or alive my god this aint no western..Selene had to go outside for an smoke yes she was trying to give it up hell she was already dead dont know why she bothers any way whilst she was puffing away she saw an figure go past the the girls room so she took it upon her self to check it out it was the manager of the place dirty old pervert he was trying to look in the window but Selene snuck up behind him and said'got an light' he freaked so much he bloddy dropped dead stupid old fart ...but Selene looked down and you could have sworn he had an smile on his ..looks like he got off when he dropped off ..what ever ...Selene came in and told the girls were they shocked of course not these girls had what men wanted and if it meant dying to get it its all worth while.. as freaky as that sounds this world is an weird world there is NOT one sane person in it..

The girls just crashed they were so tired but before they did that the disposed of the manager..it was so quiet not even an mouse Faith and her girls had excellent hearing being whom they are but this not that sense let them down badly as coming down the road was trouble Joshua had found them BUT he didnt know it guess they thought that they would call it an night there too
they pulled up behind the rooms and who needs an key when one whom is built like an brick sh.it house can just kick it down.. all up there was 24 with him sh.it 24 against 5 chicks hardly seems fair ..for them..( :

They did have 6 females in there team but that wasnt going to stop Faith and her girls they had killed females before sooooo no biggie...one thing was against the vampires though they had no fire power so the went very carefully looking for anything whilst walking Angelique fell over an cable and as she started to pull on it two doors swung open from under the ground she had stumbled across an old cellar but it wasnt full of wine but guns, explosives just what sh.it was this old fart into..so she ran her fanny back to faith and the girls and told them so they quickly and carefully snuck into the under ground cellar ...


What they found was the mother lode enough fire power for world war 3 all the girls needed was some explosives and guns... if it was war Joshua and his men wanted its what they get..an couple of the girls from Joshua's team were just out walking and they were actually standing on the cellar doors and they could hear what the girls outside were saying if only Joshua knew how much the women in his team hated him..hmmm wonder why indeed? its all true if he didnt get his way with any women he would resort to voilence as an couple of the girls were victims of his unwanted advances and told to shut up or else and they were scared of him being head warlock he could make them so vanish..Faith and the girls were taking in all that they were listening too and knew why he was an bloke that needed to get his taste of his own medicine ..bad medicine..

they girls out side soon moved off they were ordered back to there rooms amongst the girls that worked for him an young pregnant female she was an victim of his sick ways and he refused for her to abort it she is only 23 for gods sake her life over as she knew it and one of the other females was the doctor whom was there for the mum to be the child would be an half breed and really has no future so if she reaches full term the baby wouldnt live to long if Joshua has anything to do with it...he wants to find the right female to carry his pure breed to full term and he was just being thoughtless heartless pri.ck..

dawn had broke and Joshua wanted to get on the road to keep up the chase of course he didnt know that the vampires were closer then he thought if only he knew of yes if only he knew..
Faith had over heard that there team was heading north so oh have the wheels turned the hunters be come the hunted...and why put off tommorrow what they can do today so the vampires got all there sh.it together and made sure there old beat up ride was topped up with fuel even found an couple of old gerry cans ( fuel cans) to fill..

Joshua had not got that far ahead of the girls as that poor female went into labour and like an piece of garbage discarded her on the side of the road along with her baby...Selene whom was driving could see from an great distance ad said to Faith' what should we do?' and Faith said ' help her' so they pulled over and helped the por women into they pick up the other girls were packin heat in the back Faith said' do you know whom we are? and the young women said 'yes'
and she also said' i know iam not worthy of your trust but i wont Joshua to pay for what he did '
and thats all that needed to be said they made sure her and her baby lovely little girl were safe and no harm will come to either of them as long as there was an breath left in one of there bodies..


Joshua had been known to just use women and then discard them he didnt care how much he hurt there feelings but he will get his just desserts indeed he will what would you expect from an old fart like him any thinking he is an young stallion when in fact he is an old colt ...and he wanted to find his right mate who would want him either have to be bloody blind or desperate...but enough of him time to focus on the new baby and her mum the mum all of an sudden was bleeding from within and the girls were trying to stop it but with no luck the poor girl died from to much blood loss.. plus she would have been able to let the vampires know where Joshua's lair was ..shame but they will but now they had an baby to look after so next stop an store to get some baby formula..they called the baby 'angel' and they went through an little ceremony to adopt here all the girls were her mum in the case all the vampires died well then there was some one they knew whom would look after her but only at the last choice ...

after they had done all there sh.it they buried Angels' mum and headed off to pursue the dead man walking...Only one thing was on Faith's mind and that was to make sure Joshua whom thinks he is an stallion to be gelded to make sure no woman has to carry his seed any more he would then be called numb nuts...


Soon the girls had caught up to Joshua and his team but he didnt know because they were back behind some traffic as soon they would be hitting the big smoke again.. only an couple miles from LA..boy that city doesnt know what was going to hit it ..Joshua turned off and Faith and her girls did the same once again he didnt know as other cars were on the same route but then he turned off again into an narrow alley and then again into an workshop the girls kept there distance but the girls being whom they are had excellent eye sight and hearing so didnt need to go close at all the girls didnt really know how huge Joshua was like an big lollipop ..which they didnt want to lick or suck for that matter ..no way ... ( : well maybe one might want to but she will keep that to hers elf now wont she.. ( : ..naughty little sinner that Faith all the time dogging him when she wants him sooo bad but she isnt that easy to get thats for sure..any way they could hear Joshua talking to this thug in the workshop and the thug walked into an room and came out with some weapons real big mothers Joshua meant business but so did the girls ..all of an sudden Angel started to cry real loud and the windows being down didnt help the crying caught that attention of Joshua and his team he saw the thug had some binoculars around his scrawny neck and ripped them off him and he saw Faith looking at him looking at her and he had one of his crazy smiles ...and said 'well what are you waiting for an invite get after them' But Selene whom was the best driver reversed and took off not silly like just nice and came only idiots drive like that as they thought Joshua and his team were driving that fast up the alley nearly took out some old lady missed her by an whisker at least she gave them the finger..( : go girl power..

Selene thought they gave them the slip but no such luck no sooner she thought that they were up her tail pipe just giving her an gentle nudge now and then Faith got Rani and Josette to do some thing they hadnt done before and that was to flash there boobs at Joshua and his team as they came up to bump them again the girls opened up the curtains in the vehicle and flashed them...that worked an treat the driver nearly came to an stop in shock Joshua had to give him an gentle slap in the back of the head and get him back up to speed..Faith didnt know that there was going to be some sort of ambush up ahead the remaining girls in Joshua's team were up ahead setting down dam spikes and the speed Selene was driving it was going to be an rough ride when they hit the spikes Angelique was holding onto Angel like dear life Faith got the girsl to buckle up and she got in the front with Selene and buckled down soon as they did that they hit the spikes and tried as she might Selene lost it and Faith said' girl let it go we cant die you forget that?' and she let go of the steering wheel and she just went out of control taking out an few other cars as well ..

and the vehicle flipped and she rolled the girls lost count how many times but when the vehicle came to an stop not one of the girls had an scratch on them except Angelique an metal rod had come lose and flew across and struck her in the heart ..thats the only way the girls die its an clisque but thats the way it is she didnt die right away the pipe should have killed Angel but she is just to special...of course cop cars were every where running to the aid of the girls and helping them out the cops were shocked to find only one had died and the fact the baby was alive was just an miracle in itself...

By this time Joshua and his male team members had got to the seen and told the cops taht the girls were wanted and that he and his men will take it from here..He went straight up into Faith's face and said' we win --you lose' and got his men to get into one of there vans and head of to his lair .....the female doctor said ' sorry one of you were killed' and Selene said' she died for us and we wont forget that and believe me you all shall pay for that-- you all dont know what pain is'? and Faith said ' Selene stand down' ...One thing you dont do is get in Faith's face and live that is just crossing her line Joshua didnt know how lucky he was as she could have put him down so easy and his team wouldnt know what hit them as the girls would just take them out in an heart beat..on the way to the lair Faith wanted to bury Angelique she always wanted to be buried in an forrest for some reason so be it her last wish was going to be granted..so the female doctor by the name of Betty she was Joshua's right hand woman if he said jump she would say how high..

any way after they had given Angelique the burial she wanted they continued onto the lair the girls thought it would be an run down place but imagine there surprise when it was an mansion it was huge..as mansions are ...Faith didnt want to say it but it was beautiful well groomed gardens and all that jazz but outside may be beautiful but what laid inside was sinister...

Betty opened up the van and told the girls to get out she treied to take Angel from them and Faith grabbed Betty by the throat and said 'give her back' 'ok ok' said Betty ' but she will have to be taken from you when Joshua gets here he is her father' and Faith said 'father you are joking aint you theres an difference to being an father and an sperm donor ?' as Faith said that Joshua walked in and said 'is that right'? t.b.c