to marry steven


Heya guys,

Will u marry an ex prostitute/pornstar if she had given up her trade and go straight with u ??



Thats an good question if you think about it because it doesnt or shouldnt matter on which side of the tracks you are from there is an soul mate out there for every one and for some it takes that many stuff ups to find that out ..and we know the big guy has like the rest of us made alot of stuff ups iam sure and one day SOON i hope will know that..and what better since the new year is nearly upon us i have already got my new years thingies in order...


Marry me Steven I am single cant get a boyfriend who I want. I get dumped all the time.
I am very unlucky in love. I can't find true love.:confused:

Happy new year to all of you Seagal fans

Love Enza