Type in one thing that Steven Seagal and you have in common?


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We both have a compassion to help people. Love of music. I have played the bagpipes for 18 years, guitar for 30 and recorder for 20 (which I have talk to home schoolers). I like being around people but tend to be shy until I know them. I love animals and will go out of my way not to run over them with my car, even to the point of everybody behind me yelling at me when I almost cause an accident (I've had to be careful with this one. One time the policeman behind me almost gave me a ticket for swerving into the middle of the road). I believe that God created them and they have every right to be here as much as I do. I also enjoy my privacy (quite time is very important).


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What we have in common is not common to us. What he desires I do not know but I do know what I desire in his stead. Stevan Seagal ; Purplelotus1 it's all the same.


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Aikido, of course; ;). After all, it's all his fault I'm taking it in the first place!