Watched Foreigner last night...


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Hi Catlady
This is the picture of my cat which I've taken.
A typical Turkish Van Cat with one eye blue and the other yellow. Thank you for your compliment


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Originally posted by Amos Stevens

walking furrballs-that lick EVERYTHING-leaving a trail of fur & debris of their latest kill...sneaky

No my friend your mixed up again LOL thats dog, not cute little kitty cats. But what the hey CLAWWWWWWWWWWWWW LOL thats for insulting a kitty....we don't lick EVERTHING LOL...

J Horton

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What's going on with this cat business? prefer horses myself!!, and leave EW alone, I thought it was very good and like steven's sense of humour.

What I would really like to know from somebody please, when does foreigner come out in the UK (that's Region 2 on dvd)as I'm getting nowhere with Amazon. Getting withdrawal symptoms!!

luv and stuff


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Hi J,
We are playing around about the cats.

Sorry I don't know if or when the movie will be there..


J,I personally love horses more than cats.I've got 2 cats at home and they're just driving me crazy.
Foreigner...Bring me the Foreigner...
I'm a sleepwalker...


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Hello Horton

I didn't wait for DVD REG 2 since I have a multi-reg dvd player and equipment. Since I am in Turkey normally we are in region 2

As for the cat it is about the picture at my signature. My cat's picture, a typical Turkish Cat called Van with one eye blue and other yellow

This is the story


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I watched it again last night, but I haven't been able to buy it locally yet, hmmmm...Guess I will have to order it...Anyway, I wached out for justice as well, and I have gotta say, that he is still most impressive with a gun/shotgun, and oooh that look that could kill, (In out for justice he gave it quite a few times!) just sends a shiver down my spine...It's kind like that guy says in US2 "that uncle of yours scares me, and I LIKE it." :eek: Or something like that...LOL :D