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    It's Cardinals time !!!

    Rodrigo, I see you are still watching baseball. Afraid I can't cheer the Cards with you. I am a Red Sox fan. Baseball lady
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    OUT OF REACH review!(Contain Spoilers)

    Serena, I just got the movie yesterday and watched it. I didn't like the voice overs of the letter scenes, but I enjoyed the movie. It didn't have as much violence as some of his films. THe sowrd fight was pretty good. Now we know not to mess with Hallarian -- she can wield a sword...
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    Where's TD?

    TD, You know what they say on CLean Sweep: Do you use it or are you just attached to the memories? Remember, No one can take the memories away from you. I'm glad to see you are finally getting to move soon and that work has picked up. I've been working so much and traveling the last...
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    Just a word!

    Dixie, No one should want to lynch you for having your opinion. If we all thought the same what a boring world it would be. I do agree with you about being a nurse. I can't imagine any other profession to be in. The rewards I get back from my pediatric patients and their families are...
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    "Passion" breaks independent film record, poised to break others.

    Serena, I went to see it the first week (got drug to it by my best friend ---- the one I drag to Seagal movies). It was violent, but not over the top as some critics have said. It was a time of violence and Gibson portrays it realistically as he did in Braveheart. THe actor who played...
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    Get better soon, Serena!

    Serena, Sorry to hear about your leg. Hope it heals fast. But I think you should really tell the truth about how you hurt it!! Are you sure you didn't finally lose control and kick some smart-alec resident's butt. ;) :D :D You know what I mean? There are several surgeons I have...
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    Steven & Girl It's Alright

    Kellie, He does have a voice that makes you want to close your eyes and let your imagination go!!! :D Welcome to the board. Don't worry about using his name, a lot of people use a part of his name or one of his characters as their screen name. Enjoy the forum. BB Lady
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    poem - "SMILE"

    Rodrigo, I love this poem. If you don't mind I would like to borrow it for a friend I think could really use it. I truly agree with the attitude of gratitude. It makes you realize the true importance of things. BB Lady
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    Serena, I'm like you, rarely off during the oscars. I happened to be off last night and of course there was nothing on tv. I tried watching the actors, but some of the utter stupidity of their lines was too painful. So I surfed the net and wrote a lecture for work instead. I agree with TD...
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    Were you born before 1985?

    Amos, I guess it is true... only the strong survive. Amazing how we survived in such a unsafe, politically incorrect world. And now we all hang out on the web. BB Lady
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    President Day

    Amos, Here in Irving (Texas), the city offices don't recognize MLK day. They said it would cost the taxpyers too much money to close for another three day weekend. Staff is allowed to take the day off as one of their floating holidays if they want off. I still don't know why all those...
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    Ditch Your New Year's Resolution.

    Serena, Sometimes I think I am looking in a mirror when I read your posts. It is amazing. I gave up making resolutions long ago. Why make em, break em and have to deal with self-induced guilt. BB Lady
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    Happy Full Moon Day.

    Serena, Did the parents at your hospital come out of the woodworks the last two days?? We had every crazy you could even think about show up and act up. It was real interesting trying to figure out who was going crazy next. :eek: BB Lady
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    What is your favourite animal/ animals..

    TD, With Rottweilers, it is just how they are raised. I have had two of them, each over a hundred pounds and they were the biggest lap dogs you have ever seen. One of them was afraid of my sister's cat. My nieces and nephews would lay on top on them, ride them and pull them by their...