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    Seagal in Tumbridge Wells.....

    I attended last night for my second helping of Seagal and Thunderbox. I attended the show in southend a couple of weeks back and when i saw front row seats advertised on ebat i thought, hey why not go again? Once again it was a great show, even though the audience was a little smaller hen it...
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    Today You Die - Reviews

    I agree it wasnt good.... I thought the scene where he was in bed with his wife/gf was awful, she was half naked and he was fully clothed. Thing is i think he can still do a really good film. He was never known for his high kicks, or aerial moves, so why dont he just tone his fight scenes...
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    Im a new user and im going to see Steven at Camden!! Cant wait, as its no seats im assuming its a case of getting there early as possible to get near the front?