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  1. Domi

    Television Steven Seagal v Justin Lee Collins

    Thank you Craig.I remember this site I know and like much but I have problems for some time and I very busy.The picture is very friendly and Steven always great.:)
  2. Domi

    Other Steven's Current Location - 2010

    Thanks to all,beautiful photos and video:)
  3. Domi

    Congrats to Steven & Elle Seagal

    It's on!Me too I would love to hear a beautiful cd or even better an album and why not review it on a scene where there is great.:)
  4. Domi

    Congrats to Steven & Elle Seagal

    Thank you to Suzi,Chrissy,Nathanael etc..I have lots of pictures of Steven and Elle.I'm going poster,is true that they have a baby?They would they tell us,it is not a bad rumor but something very nice to know!:)
  5. Domi

    Finally a woman comes to Seagal's DEFENSE.

    Suzi and thank you to all others who think like me!Steven hos always been jealous of the winner,people who want money and advertising and discredit.Kelly Le Brock wants to sell his book!Then we must a bit more scandal,God will protect him.We "fans" will support it forever and " THE END":)
  6. Domi

    What the heck?

    Enough discussion,I have read and heard certainly sincelonger that you years,hostile stories concerning Steven and the women!A lot of jealousy a lot of trial who can bring some money has girls without scruple,that did not carry them luck,so much the better.Steven makes of its life what he...
  7. Domi

    Dear Suzi,Thank you very good answer(to Marky96)there have already been enough problems of teh...

    Dear Suzi,Thank you very good answer(to Marky96)there have already been enough problems of teh years ago with willfull people..it is not our fan's life.All my heart.:)
  8. Domi

    Steven Seagal Pic Of The Day.

    Thanks Danitz19,very nice pics:)
  9. Domi

    Happy Birthday Mr. Steven Seagal

    With the delay..the Happy Birthday Steven,the happiness,the enjoyment,a lot of love
  10. Domi

    Television Lawman - UK Television Premier

    We shall see the first episode this evening in France,on the channel w9.We waited for hit.:)
  11. Domi

    Shepherds Bush concert filmed for DVD!

    Thank you Craig,I look forward to the release in France of this DVD,what a wonderful evening in London I passed !:)
  12. Domi

    My Daddy Passed Away

    Dear Stacey I think you,your sadness,but your Daddy will always be near you.My parents,from paradise,are always there to me.
  13. Domi

    MAMASAN HAS PASSED AWAY: Very sad news....

    Mamasan died,wich sadness,how to forget its answers,her opinions,with a big kindness.I am very sad and I say all my thoughts to her family.In Paradise will protect everyone she loves.:mad: Myst thank you for having learned this new.
  14. Domi

    Happy Birthday Suzi

    happy Birthday Suzi, much happiness,joy and saon in your life, and thank you for everything you bring:)
  15. Domi

    Television Lawman - 2nd December 2009

    Thanks Danistz19,very good !!:)