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    An Aussie For Miss Universe...

    Oh yes.......all us Aussie chicks are gorgeous. We are all blonde, slim and 20. Well......that is how I see myself when I close my eyes. It's not quite the same when I wake up. I wonder why?????
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    Happy Birthday Shyfawn

    I haven't met you either BUT I hope you have a fantastic birthday.
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    Happy Birthday Cman !!

    Happy Birthday Cman. Hope you have an extremely enjoyable birthday.
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    Tony Randall

    He will be missed. I loved his movies. Rest in Peace
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    I'm Back

    Lotussan, You have a great memory. I used to chat to Glimmerman as well. Is he still here???? or has he vanished??
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    Aussie Marries Prince.

    Heather I'm from NSW
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    Happy Birthday Catlady

    Sorry Tora, We did get of the topic...didn't we??? Catlady...I hope you had an enjoyable birthday
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    Aussie Marries Prince.

    Heather...you are so right. I didn't realise you were an Aussie too (just like me).
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    I'm Back

    Leon, You are absolutely correct. I was online everyday. Didn't miss a beat. Yes.....I'm from Down Under. Hope you are well.
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    Happy Birthday Catlady

    Hi Everybody, It's great to be back. I feel like I've just returned home.
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    I'm Back

    Thank you for the warm welcome. It is so good to be back. I can't believe that I've been away for so long. I tried to get onto the old SSMB, but it was still down. Did it ever get back on line??? This site is by far superior to the old site anyway. It is really pleasing to see so many of...
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    I'm Back

    Greetings. For those of you who orginally haunted the SSMB.........I'm Felicia Storm (aka Roxanne) I should apologise for my absence, BUT....I'm back now. Hope all my friends are well.
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    Happy Birthday Catlady

    Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Catlady, I'm not sure if you remember me........I was Roxanne on the SSMB. Hi Mama San, Amos, Suziwong. It's great to be back
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    The return of Glimmer...

    Hello my darling GMan, I know....it's been a long time. Sorry for not writing to you sooner. Have fun in London. Hopefully, we can catchup when you get back. Felicia (Roxanne)
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    Okay Ladies, So you don't feel left out, Post your top ten for men in the spotlight

    I would have to say...... 1. Steven Seagal 2. Pierce Brosnan 3. Sean Connery 4. David James Elliot 5. Denzel Washington Can't think of anybody else.