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    Kiitos, thanks, danke, tack, cheechee Look, I can spell kiitos in many languages. It would be very nice if Seagal came to Finland since he has never been here. Or has he?
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    Joo, että jos kaikki suomalaiset vois laittaa viestiä tänne. Everyone who knows finnish please post here.
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    Great Blues Mr. Seagal

    Welcome Yeah, he is good at playing guitar with his thumb, if you haven't noticed that :eek:
  4. HardtoKill

    You've never seen Steven like this !!!

    Wow Suzi do you live near Seagal? Are you a friend of him? Or do you get these pictures from some paparazzis ???
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    Www.stevenseagal.com Is Offline Once Again!!!!!!

    Always problems Well I have/had a account in the official site but maybe I have already forgotten the password...so anyway it's down.
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    Describe Seagal In One Word.

    Actor... :p
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    greeting to every one

    Cool Omg I am bored...
  8. HardtoKill

    greeting to every one

    Welcome :apeace:
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    Did you see this?

    What movie was that?? Who else has seen that Steven is reserved and has always hard time when meeting people? Is he scared his fans, :rolleyes: eh?
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    Did you see this?

    Ha ha great...
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    Welcome Try to beat me in the arcade games. I'm a pro.
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    European Tour is not Cancelled !!!

    Hmmm... Suzi, I think that you just tried to scare people. And then tell it's a joke, right?
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    what is religion

    Yeah It's hard to say anything more to your post... They preach about love and peace but religion often causes unhappy things like war and stuff. It divides the world, but I am sure that religion is not the only thing that makes things bad in middle-east. Good post, dvee1104
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    Describe Your Day In One Word.

    Ha-ha :D
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    Describe Your Day In One Word.

    .......... Normal