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Hello there,
My brother`s girlfriend is finish. Welcome to the site, and please feel free to ask anything Seagal or anything else which is on your mind!

Jumalan siunausta,

"God made men......."

Mama San

Tommy Boy,
You might try posting a translation, like
HTK did, since most of the members do
not speak Finnish. :)
God bless,
Mama san
Whoops, sorry! Forgot that finnish isn't the universal language :)

I was just stating that it is good for us finnish Seagal-fans to stay united and I'm glad to see that the local fan base is represented here also.
Kiitos, thanks, danke, tack, cheechee

Look, I can spell kiitos in many languages.

It would be very nice if Seagal came to Finland since he has never been here.
Or has he?