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    I have just been on Playusa.com and they have got Submerged for release 31/5/05 for £14.99 So, if you are in England and have a multi-region dvd player, then I recommend this site, I have bought hundreds of DVD's from them and the service is fantastic. I have already pre-ordered my copy...
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    Your Favorite Martial Art Movie Fight Scenes.

    The bar fight in Out for Justice The fight in the department store in Marked for Death Any fight with Mark Dacascos in Drive Jet Li v dojo full of policemen in Kiss of the Dragon Van Damme - final fight in AWOL/Lionheart Fights in Hero and House of the Flying Daggers Bruce Lee...
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    Metal gear solid fans?

    I have enjoyed the MGS series so far, have only played half an hour of the third one so far. I prefer the Splinter Cell series at the moment though. Am awaiting the third one being released. Keep the Faith
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    Submerged - review

    Hello I have just been on IMDB.com and looked up Submerged, if you look at the messages board at the bottom of the page, there is a review of a screening a guy went to. He readily says that he is not an SS fan, but enjoyed the film. Just thought I'd let you know. Keep the Faith
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    Submerged Trailer

    Hello I'm a new member, but have been a long time visitor, as I find this to be the only place to get the most up-to-date info about Sensei Seagal I have just watched the Submerged trailer and have to say how fantastic it looks! What with this and Into the Sun, it looks like Steven is...