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    MAMASAN HAS PASSED AWAY: Very sad news....

    R.i.p deepest belated sympathy to the family of a dedicated, kind soul. Casey you are one of a kind and I remember our chats were not often, but always remembered.
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    Did the unthinkable (my Aikido journey)

    Well TD, as you stated...setbacks! keep us posted huh. Good luck!!:yin:
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    Did the unthinkable (my Aikido journey)

    Courage Hi ya TD, well, when first reading your last post, it sounded like you were going to give up. But, towards the end, your determination came through, and thats great to see. Dont let your limitations get the better of you. They only prevent you doing certain things, not everything...
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    HELP ME dojo of Steven Seagal 1969

    I'm not sure exactley what you're asking, but if you want to find the dojo he instructed at in Japan, follow this link. I'm sure if you go you will enjoy it! kokoro
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    Quote Of The Day

    Today is the Tomorrow you were worried about Yesterday
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    What Is Tenshin Aikido?

    Tenshinaikidoka, thanks for your reply. I agree in part with your statements. However, the web is full of lies and mis-truths. I could claim that I am his student (although I'm not, but I'd like to be), and claim that as a truth, because I say it is, and it says so on my website, and I have...
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    What Is Tenshin Aikido?

    With respect to those who have posted, and to the Sensei that are involved, these statements/arguments appear to be the same that used to be on the "Official" SS site years ago. Rather than use this forum for establishing who is actually a student of Seagal Shihan, and who is ripping who off...
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    jkd and aikido

    Hello Shadowman, IMHO, if your looking for self-control, you should already have that from your training over the last 9yrs. In those years you should have learned to follow instruction, listen when told, bit your tongue when you have felt like saying something inappropriate for the training...
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    To Strike First, Or Wait To Be Striked: The Mere Meaning Of Self-Defense.

    thanks suzi, glad to see your still keeping the place interesting. :) In Heart, Mind & Spirit
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    To Strike First, Or Wait To Be Striked: The Mere Meaning Of Self-Defense.

    I agree totally don wilkey, but if that fails you need a backup plan, and a good smack around the chops/arm lock would help nicely, as long as it's reasonable! ;) kokoro
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    Did the unthinkable (my Aikido journey)

    We're all deficient in one form or another. I can only imagine what these two had been like when they started training. They must have come very far from their beginnings. They were passed for a reason, and that is up to the Sensei. As it was put in another thread "aikido is not for correcting...
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    To Strike First, Or Wait To Be Striked: The Mere Meaning Of Self-Defense.

    If a person has made an intention to cause you harm, that is they have verbalised a threat, displayed a threat through body language or what they may be carrying, and you percieve that as a physical threat.......then you would have grounds to use reasonable force to defend yourself. Self...
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    Did the unthinkable (my Aikido journey)

    Congratulations on passing your grading!! now relax and spend a little more time on your weapons, if you have good technique there, use it. Also, if you focus more on what you find difficult, not only will you get better, but the things you have found 'easier'/have good ability in, will get...
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    Where is Kokoro?

    Hey gals, nice to know I wasn't forgotten too much!! :) Basically, I've been extremely busy. I've popped back on a couple of occasions for a quick read, but I rarely have time for the net nowdays, don't have access either. Hope everyone is well!! I'm doing fine, had some life changing events...
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    Who's Who?... Martial Arts.

    What kind of martial arts you do: Aikido How long: 8yrs Rank: Shodan. Due to sit Nidan end of the year Accomplishments: being better than who i was yesterday :cool: