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    Charlize Theron insulted Seagal

    Wrong on both questions.
  2. Kotegashi

    Charlize Theron insulted Seagal

    I think you need to read my post again and get your facts straight. 1. I'm not defending Seagal. Yes I am a fan, otherwise I have no business being here. But I am a firm believer of innocent until proven guilty and therefore show me the convictions of Seagal for sexual assault so we can put...
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    Charlize Theron insulted Seagal

  4. Kotegashi

    Charlize Theron insulted Seagal

    And how would we know that, I've never met Seagal, never talked to him. So I do not know how he is in real life. And I don't like to be told what to think or do. Again, don't tell me what to do, think or admit. I'll decide what I do, think or admit. I'm not saying he is not an asshole, but...
  5. Kotegashi

    Primary Target - Steven Seagal, Michael Madsen, L. Mandylor, Scott Adkins

    He worked together with Seagal before, like in Hard To Kill in de grocerie store that gets robbed, he's the punk with the knife. Peace
  6. Kotegashi

    How did You find Steven?

    Saw him in Nico (Above The Law) way back after it's got released in Holland on VHS...been fan ever since and have seen all of his movie to about 4 years ago. Then it got a little bit too bad for my taste. Can still really enjoy his earlier work and especially his aikido. Don't like his...
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    For travelling within The Netherlands there are no restrictions. Only places (like the beach or parks) that can get to crowded are closed to the public. For travelling to other countries there are some restrictions and are pretty much limited to essential travel. Peace
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    Here in The Netherlands it is pretty relaxed. They call it an intelligent lockdown. all (permit required) gatherings (like festivals and such) are forbidden untill june 1st, people are requested to work at home if possible and all sportclubs, gyms have been closed as well as 'contact'...
  9. Kotegashi

    Releasing my own music

    It's been a while, but today I released new music. This time a 2 track EP called Something. The Genre is melodic house/techno And available on all major platforms like: https://www.beatport.com/release/something/2858790...
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    Steven's Current Location

    He can't blame anyone except himself for that. :D Peace
  11. Kotegashi

    I'm new in here and its my birthday today

    Welcome to the site, there's much to discover and learn here about Seagal. Peace
  12. Kotegashi

    The song 'When you close your eyes'

    nice ballad, like it.
  13. Kotegashi

    Beyond The Law - reviews

    Indeed not bad, but let's note that is mainly to other factors then Seagal and DMX that this is getting a good rating. Having read this review and looking at the trailer one more time i'm sticking to my initial thought of skipping this one all together.
  14. Kotegashi

    Seagal 'bullies' Flight of Fury actress into doing nude scene

    Not speaking in favor of Seagals character, but it's not the first story of this kind about Seagal. On the other hand (I'm no expert though), don't actors get the script before they sign on for a movie? And wouldn't that scene have been in the script already? And such scenes are pretty common...
  15. Kotegashi

    Beyond The Law - Steven Seagal, Johnny Messner, DMX

    Hmmm after seeing this trailer I'm not getting excited over this one. Think it will be the average DTV quality that Seagal has been throwing at us the last few years. Fighting doesn't look great (the 2 seconds it shows Seagal fighting even looks extremely slow), scenery doesn't look great...