New youtube video Seagal with Jesse Enkamp


Actually kind of an amusing video (together with Scott Adkins' Art of Action). Interested what the next video will bring.


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Finally something new. Its great to see Seagal again. He looks happy. So there will be a second video of this 'interview'.


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Amazing, Shihan Seagal is legit, you can tell he knows A LOT, and at 70 he'd kick the ass of most "tough guys" in his 20s-30s


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If he didn't manage to break your fingers, then you're lucky to be polite. That's how accurately he describes his attitude toward nasty people, which commands great respect. I remember when Seagal was doing an interview in my town and some guy asked him to say a few words for his channel. Steven Seagal grabbed him and told on camera he would kick his ass if he got a thousand likes. You would have known how quickly the video went viral. If didn't exist, I'd be trying to meet Seagal and ask him to kick my ass
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These two videos are certainly giving Seagal some belated martial arts cred, which is good! Lots of positive comments on youtube.