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    Behind the story of Jesse Endkamp meeting Seagal (incl reason Seagals weight)

    I love Seagal but I don't buy it. He became lazy, he doesn't workout & doesn't care about dieting at all...and eats A LOT, you can tell in the Season 1 or 2 of Lawman that he stopped frequently to eat, always a lot of carbs.
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    Review : Flight Of Fury

    Actually, I think that lesbian scene is kinda hot! one of the best parts of the flic, imo. lol
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    new interview from 1988 (Seagal promoting "Above the Law")

    So cool the interview, 1988 Above The Law and a bit of 1992 Under Siege promotion Thanks!!
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    New youtube video Seagal with Jesse Enkamp

    Thanks! Shihan Seagal is amazing!!
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    New video with Seagal, interview, April 2022.

    I can't wait for part 2, hope it's as good as part 1 with no bullshit no bias...I miss the 90s Seagal movies but I still do appreciate him, is unique, so personal. For me Steven Seagal is the best martial arts movie star.
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    New youtube video Seagal with Jesse Enkamp

    And he lives like a king, haha, what a good life: spectacular suite, sushi in Dubai, private
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    New youtube video Seagal with Jesse Enkamp

    Amazing, Shihan Seagal is legit, you can tell he knows A LOT, and at 70 he'd kick the ass of most "tough guys" in his 20s-30s
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    haha Seagal's seminar in Russia. pain...
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    Steven's Current Location

    There are news updated regularly on the instagram of tenshin dojo europe official, I don't do facebook but I guess that on their facebook you'll find the same or more. Now Steven is in Russia giving a masterclass:
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    Jack Whitehall On Meeting Steven Seagal

    I don't know if anyone posted this, I liked it. Jack whitehall & Seagal having fun. If the video doesn't show up just type on google: jack whitehall travels with my father Steven seagal. Is the first video on the list of BUILD series and the third from the Facebook page Jack Whitehall Fans...
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    Bruce McGill on working with Seagal (Exit Wounds)

    Well, that's the kind of shit that ended the career of many actors: Mickey Rourke, Wesley Snipes, Seagal...etc Assholeness must be a side effect of fame and money for certain people.
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    Seagal buys new house in AZ

    I wish u the best...of the best. Who knows, Orang, life has surprises, and maybe Steven needs a full time Australian, sorry!, cook/cleaner. Bye
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    Steven Seagal helped Anderson Silva with KO front kick

    Yes, Charles, I´m WAY too forgiving...I know...but Seagal is the way he is, and I accepted that fact since the day I signed into this place, I struggled with myself many times, not anymore...and I like to chat now & then in this site with the guys, and make jokes with the...
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    "Steven We Love You"(off-topic)

    I´m pretty sure if Seagal visits this site, the only posts he would like it´s yours, Orang & ¨The RealWomenClubSeagalNeedComeHereBigOneThisWillGonnaRockYouWeAreGonnaBlowYourMindSteve¨... The rest of the subjects sucks...The serious stuff about his movies and persona is always negative. You all...
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    Seagal buys new house in AZ

    You´re welcome, take care, P.