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  • Well BarbA, I´m musician, I love the humour, a bit of irony, and sarcasm, and being a little bit naughtycrazy, you know...but although I´m a kind of whacky because of the stress of my job, I have good feelings. I don´t know how to send a friendship request...I´m gonna try it, ok natural girl? see ya
    Yes, I am very close to Providence...thank you for all your well wishes. I think that is why I like Steven so much...he agrees with all natural/alternative modalities to treat mecial issues, and I have dealt with my fair share over the past few years....
    But enough about me, how about you?
    Hi Juan, nice to meet you!! My friends call me Anne or Ann!!

    Have a good week and stay in a good mood!!LOL
    Dear Harry,
    My name is Igor and I am writing from Ukraine.Could you send me a big photo of Seagal with dumbbells located at your blog?

    Take care,
    Igor Grinchenko, Ukraine

    hahahaha i like yor picture! :D LAtinojazz, were you did you find it? :D
    The one whit Steven taking some weights ;)
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