Serena disciple
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  • Madam
    I know you re not the original lady called Serena
    My brother william once intruded on 5his unofficial dorum and said you were eead luje kimonosoul(sarah garcia)
    I lie to myself i pretend both these girls are alive
    I ve many sexual fantasu3s i made an exhaustive list to former radio host elodie gossuin
    Serena disciple
    Serena disciple
    But i know you must he a horny woman to have taken up
    Serena s name
    I ve one particular sexual fantast i ve been waiting close to 50 years to fulkfill
    I know once i get ibitiated i lll ve all i want...vut it s takibg so libg
    I ll stoo beatibf aroubd the bush(pun intended)
    I want a woman to pull down
    My pants ans soank le
    Serena disciple
    Serena disciple
    You re invited at my place
    I can t wait to be muse a l air
    Fesse cul nu de votte main
    Qui clasue sur mon petut cul blanc duaboluc
    Serena disciple
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