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    Old fan, new member logging in

    Thanks Reservoir Dog! One of the great benefits of running the site was hearing from other fans who liked the stuff I was spewing! ;) Yeah, I've gotten a lot of feedback from (very drunk?) Seagal fans who've played that drinking game. Maybe I should post it here? Where would it go? By the...
  2. Webmaster FU&D!

    Review: Half Past Dead

    Anyone for a recap? If anyone is interested in a blow-by-blow, Television Without Pity-style recap of Half Past Dead please surf to my Steven Seagal website. I spent more time than I should putting together this thing, with Seagal in-jokes, movie references, screencaps, etc. You can find it...
  3. Webmaster FU&D!

    Old fan, new member logging in

    Thanks! It's nice to feel so welcome... Thanks for the warm welcome guys. It's good to be here! I look forward to taking part in this great website. :D
  4. Webmaster FU&D!

    Review : The Foreigner

    FU&D! Original Review - The Foreigner - 1/4 guns On the surface, The Foreigner looked like it could've been a good movie - a "spy coming in from the cold" plotline, a woman in need and a nefarious bad guy. The sad fact is, however, that the movie sucks ass. My brother (an equally ardent Seagal...
  5. Webmaster FU&D!

    Old fan, new member logging in

    Hey everyone I just signed up and Serena thought I should say hi, so here I am. To paraphrase Grosse Point Blank, I guess I am a long-time reader, first-time poster. Some of you older fans may have been to my Steven Seagal website back in the day. You're unlikely to have forgotten the...
  6. Webmaster FU&D!

    Review: Fire Down Below

    FU&D! Original Review - Fire Down Below - 2/4 guns Steven Seagal stars as an EPA Agent Jack Taggert in the outback of Middle America in his latest movie. Everything, from the 2.35:1 framing to the guest musicians, tries to set this movie up as a large-scale production - something it sadly is...
  7. Webmaster FU&D!

    Review: The Glimmer Man

    FU&D! Original Review - The Glimmer Man - 3/4 guns Seagal is back big-time in this movie. After six years of main-stream efforts, Seagal returns to his roots in this kick-ass movie. It's extremely stylishly directed in a style similar to Se7en and set in an uncommonly rainly Los Angeles...
  8. Webmaster FU&D!

    Review: Exit Wounds

    FU&D! Original Review - Exit Wounds - 3/4 guns Seagal is back with a vengence in this stylish, no-holds action flick! It's been a couple of years since The Great One kicked ass and it's damn good to have him back! With a haircut from his Nico days and the kind of untamed aggression he hasn't...
  9. Webmaster FU&D!

    Review: Under Siege

    FU&D! Original Review - Under Siege - 4/4 guns Under Siege is still Seagal's biggest box-office success to date, and there's no denying that Seagal plays ex-SEAL Casey Ryback with conviction. In fact, I think he should do more movies in real military settings, as he really comes across as quite...
  10. Webmaster FU&D!

    Review: Hard To Kill

    FU&D! Original Review - Hard To Kill - 3/4 guns In his second movie, Seagal plays coma-cop Mason Storm, who after an attempt on his life falls into a coma. I'd like to say that the best part of the movie is before Storm falls into a coma, but that would be mean. However, the scene in the...
  11. Webmaster FU&D!

    Review: Half Past Dead

    FU&D! Original Review - Half Past Dead - 3/4 guns Just when I had more or less given up on Seagal's new movies, along comes a surprisingly decent effort like Half Past Dead. To be sure, I love Seagal but with the ups and downs of his releases it is hard to remain a loyal fan, much less run a...
  12. Webmaster FU&D!

    Review: Under Siege 2

    FU&D! Original Review - Under Siege 2 - 2/4 guns Casey Ryback is back in this sequel, but on a train and not a battleship. The movie is actually better than can be expected, and the action is great. The setup with the niece and the train, and the wacky bad guy work, although I do miss the...
  13. Webmaster FU&D!

    Review: On Deadly Ground

    FU&D! Original Review - On Deadly Ground - 1/4 guns Sadly, Seagal's first directorial effort is also his worst movie (at least it was until The Patriot and the recent straight-to-video disasters came along). As Forrest Taft, Seagal tries to save the environment and crack skulls when he should...
  14. Webmaster FU&D!

    Review: Out For Justice

    FU&D! Original Review - Out For Justice - 4/4 guns In one of his most violent movies to date, Seagal plays Gino Felino, a NYPD cop who's out to get a drug-crazed childhood friend. Things looks promising when in the opening vignette, Seagal puts a pimp through the windshield of a car and the...
  15. Webmaster FU&D!

    Review: Marked For Death

    FU&D! Original Review - Marked For Death - 4/4 guns (spoilers!) Seagal's third movie is even better than the first. As John Hatcher, ex-DEA agent, Seagal declares war on the Jamaican drug posses that have invaded his old neighborhood. The presence of the Jamaicans lifts the movie to a new...