A Dangerous Man

2009 A Dangerous Man

Personally i did not really enjoy the movie much, even fell asleep about 20 minutes from the end and had to rewind. For me i much prefered The Keeper, which a lot of people seem to think was inferior.

Director: Thought it was great again, Waxman has done a great job on this movie and The Keeper. The movie looked great throughout. Thought the martial arts shots were too close at time though, but this seems to be the normal now.The introduction credits sequence was very well done too.

Supporting Cast: Again DTV cast here. No big names, but they were all decent.

Action: Fights were brutal. Some nice work, but for me it seemed like they had sped up a few of Steven Seagals fights. Did anyone else notice this? Gun fights seem to be pretty standard too.

Plot: Simple, straight forward, easy to follow, but like the majority of his DTV efforts very boring! Think at times they have a lottery draw to see whether he will play Special Forces, CIA or an elite cop. :D

Dubbing: To me this wastes a movie. I pay for a Steven Seagal movie, and you get a voice over for a little of the film. At least this time the voice double sounded similar. Not as bad as some earlier DTV releases.

Double: The double appears in this movie quite a bit, fortunately it seems to be most shots from the rear.

Overall: Boring plot, standard gun fights, dubbing and body double. Not one of the better releases. 4/10

Better than Out Of Reach, Kill Switch, etc. No where near as good as Urban Justice, The Keeper, Into The Sun and Pistol Whipped.