the perfect weapon

  1. DiDa

    Movies Interview With Matthias Titus Paar!!

    Hi everyone, I did an exclusive interview with the director of The Perfect Weapon, Matthias Titus Paar. Read the result below!!! Thank you Mr. Paar for willing to do this interview for us!! 1. Can you tell something about yourself? How did you become involved in the movie business? Hey guys...
  2. Administrator

    2016 The Perfect Weapon

    Plot: In the not so distant future, society is controlled by the powerful State and a dictator known as the Director. Condor works as a hitman for the State, but a reunion with someone he thought was dead forces him to consider who his enemies really are. Release Dates: Sweden - 11th June 2016...
  3. Martin01

    Movies Perfect Weapon - Steven Seagal, Johnny Messner, Vernon Wells (finished)

    THE PERFECT WEAPON Director: Matthias Titus Paar Cast: Johnny Messner Steven Seagal Vernon Wells Sasha Jackson Plot: In a not too distant future, a totalitarian state secret government organization run by The Director (Steven Seagal) controls all aspects of life. All “enemies of the state”...