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Music 2014 Blues Music Tour


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I am trying to uploade the pictures but everytime I get an error. The file (even if I upload 1 picture) is too big...Can someone help me?


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Too bad I couldn't get an autograph. It was too crowded. But it was cool that Steven came to his fans who were waiting for him outside. He also had the chance to step in his car right away.


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I noticed that his band is not always the same. In The Netherlands he had a drummer, basguitar, guitar, keyboards and 1 background vocal (sexy lady by the way ;)). If you look at other pictures from his concert sometimes there are 3 background vocals and an extra guitar player. Also sometimes there is another drummer.


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Just heard that Steven's upcoming show in Estonia has been cancelled due to negative feedback from the Estonian people, local musicians and some of the people in charge of the festival he was supposed to play at.

His friendship with Putin was the reason for it.

In one article it says that Seagal's nickname in Estonia is "Putin's lap dog".

So it seems he is not well regarded over there.
Just think it over: No west country banned his show except little Estonia. What do you know about that country folks? Bingo-nothing but it`s protest against Steven. Oh yes, he is their main opponent in this damn world. They just showed up over us but should we care about it. By the way that estonian really suck after all: younger generations escaped to wealthy west, all good stakes taken over by foreigners and even tourism is based on russians-no good prospects really...
Saw him in Southampton last night. It's a great band, and they all put a lot of effort it, but you couldn't hear the vocals at all. I'm sure, in part, it was due to the volume settings on his mic, but since there was a warm-up act immediately before, and the singer on that could be heard CLEARLY, I think a part of it is definitely dear Mr. S's voice, which is prone to sounding mumbly...

Shame because I do know some of the songs quite well, and it was only the backing girl whose vocals could be heard.

Still, he's an accomplished guitarist, and played for about 75 minutes, which is pretty good. No sign of him afterwards, but it was good enough for me. That's one ticked off the bucket list: see Seagal in person.