A Building Block On This Road I Must Take ~From The Heart Of Stacey Denise Cox~

Dissappointment And Wrong Choices
Does Not Equate;
To A Life Of Failure,
Anger And Hate.

It's Only A Building Block
On This Road, I Must Take;
In A Life Full Of LOVE
That I Will NEVER Forsake.

To Teach Me What's Right
And Make Me Stronger As I Go;
Filling My Heart With LOVE
And Wisdom That Helps Me Grow.

I Must Embrace The Hurt And The Pain,
To Learn From What All I Must Gain.
To Let Love Consume Me, To Nurture It's Growth;
Where It Breads All Strength, In Me As It's Host.

I Will Entertain The Benefits That It Does Bring;
So That Nothing But GOOD, From My Heart, It Does Spring.
Upward And Forward, I Truly Will Go;
When I Embrace All The Truth, In This Lesson I Must Know.

Written By: Stacey Denise Cox