A Worrier Spirit Seeking-out/Standing-Up For Life And Justice

I walked & sat along the sea shores at the beach, searching out answers to many of my lifes challenging questions, that I now face. The waves were washing up over the beach, pulling lifeless-dead things back out to sea, replacing it with new life upon the shore. A constant cycle.... It seemed to be teaching me a lesson. That if old dead things are needing to be removed from our life and body, GOD will Always replace it with New Life - New Healthy Cells - New Hope- A New Future... one that supports and fosters Life - It's the nature of Life and Death. The waves washing over the beach shore line, are a symbol of being cleansed of all the junk in our life, being renewed and being rejuvenated.

The soothing wind around me was the Love/Breath/Arms of My GOD surrounding me/Embraceing me/Engulfing me; Giving me new courage and strength, to face all these new challenges I now face - with a spirit to fight for life and stand up for what is Just and Right! The Spirit of a Worrior Never Gives up, but Always Seeks out and Stands up for Justice, Life and Truth!

Love Always Your Sister,
Stacey Denise Cox rice :yin:


c/o naughty corner
True, all is constantly changing and shifting in the sands of life and we all need a part of the warrior spirit to continue on the journey.
Becoming One With Nature When...

Becoming One With Nature, when Meditating & Praying, helps with fostering that Worrier Spirit and in gaining much needed wisdom! It seems to help me acquire a "Second Wind", when ever I seem to be weak and need extra strength to go through something, as I become one with nature at the beach/by the ocean....I can not even begin to tell you just how much it inspires and helps me!!! It is certainly part of Natural Therapy!

Love Always Your Sister,
Stacey :yin: