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accupuncture ?

Discussion in 'Martial Arts' started by jono_1uk, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. jono_1uk

    jono_1uk New Member

    In Hard to kill you see SS sticking pins into his upper body and setting fire to them .
    is this accupuncture ?
  2. suziwong

    suziwong Administrator Staff Member

    Yes it is... he studied acupuncture too..
  3. take-sensei

    take-sensei Die Hard Seagal fan!

    Yes that's right Suzi, I would also like to studie acupuncture, so I heal people and my self.

    Maybe I will learn it, when I'm good in Aikido :cool:

    Greets take-sensei
  4. suziwong

    suziwong Administrator Staff Member

    I wish my dear friend.. :)
  5. take-sensei

    take-sensei Die Hard Seagal fan!

    Thank you Suzi, I have respect for you, for all the things you do for this forum!

    But I'm 20 years old and I have a great future, thus after I'm at a good level of Aikido, I will learn acupunture so I can heal people, that would be great if I could do that over a few years!!!
    I hope I will understand everything, but I have a good hope ;)

    Thank you for your reply Suzi!
  6. reno77

    reno77 Member


    I began acupuncture therapy a few years ago when I injured my arm and it worked very well for me. Previously, I attended a number of physical therapy sessions but they did not improve my condition at all. I never tried acupuncture before and was not at all certain it would help but since an entire Asian culture has used it for years with success, I figured there must be something to it.
    My acupuncturist informed me that a majority of doctors do not use the " lit needles" any more, at least not in the US, because of the danger involved as well as the unpleasant odor. A number of patients have been burned by the flame. With regards to studying acupuncture, she stated that if she were to do it over again, she doesn't believe she would tolerate the pain when students have to practice on one another. As she put it: "one could here the screams from the class room down the hallway". Students will often make errors and have to re-insert the needles precisely!
  7. reno77

    reno77 Member

    By the way, to the poster who is interested in acupuncture, I think it is indeed an interesting field and encourage you to study it. I think it is very noble of you to express an interest in healing others.
  8. big matt

    big matt Fe Fi Fo Fum

    Acupuncture is a truly fantastic healing aid!

    I was a real sceptic to its ability. I have a lower back problem (fused vertebrae and trapped nerves/muscles). My doctor to his credit tried everything with no luck, i opted not to have surgery due to the risk of paralysis (any chance is to big in my opinion). So he referred me to a Chinese herbalist/healer who administered acupuncture and what i can only describe as ginger patches.

    This combination of treatment worked miracles and i have had no further problems - i have since recommended the treatment to everyone iv spoken to.

    Anyway to get back to the original point - i would definitely recommend pursuing your interest in acupuncture. I was the biggest non-believer and im now a massive fan.

    Good Luck
  9. reno77

    reno77 Member


    Good to here about your success with acupuncture Matt. Helped me with my elbow.

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