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Aikido mpegs.


Mr.Rooster said:
Wasn't sure if any of you had seen this before. I like it so I thought I'd share just in case someone here would want it and didn't see it before. Yes, they are free.
Thanks, Mr. Rooster! Even though I don't practice martial arts myself, I enjoyed those. I try to catch all the clips here, but I know I didn't see those before.

Even though on the first one it took me a minute to realize he wasn't flipping 20 guys in a row--it was just the clip automatically repeating. :rolleyes: Hey, it was a long night at work. :D

Good to see you about, Mr. Rooster. :) Thanks again.
Thanks Mr Rooster for the link..have you began showing them on a tv outside of your home incase any unknowingly future burglars come lurking about?