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American Ninja Sequel/reboot (dudikoff Has Written An Script).


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Now see THIS I would LOVE to see. ;);););):cool::cool::cool::cool:


You mention your Cannon run in there, and I did want to ask you about that. There’s been a renewed interest in that time and that group of film-makers recently.

Yeah, I’ve noticed that. Everybody’s asking me, even on Facebook, when are you gonna do another American Ninja? Let’s reboot it, you know? I think the American Ninja, Joe Armstrong, has legs. I think it would be really a great thing to bring that forward again. I’ve written a script and it’s being looked at now. ‘Cause my fans, I go to the grocery store, wherever I go, it’s “Hey, are you ever gonna do another American Ninja?”
I really want to do another one, only because I really, truly love Joe Armstrong. I think he’s a great guy to portray. I would like to see him in another.

So you’ve written a script yourself for another American Ninja film?

Yes, and it’s being looked at and I’m hoping it can be done.