Another Foreigner review ...


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Story Line: Former secret agent Jonathan Cold (Seagal), now a high-paid mercenary, is hired to carry a mysterious package from France to Germany. It turns out to be a “black box” recorder from a downed plane, and sinister tycoon Jerome Van Aken (Van Gorkum) wants to make sure it doesn’t fall into the “wrong” hands.

Bottom Line: Seagal’s waning box-office appeal will get only a limited boost from this limp
actioner, which has going for it some so-so shootouts, exotic European locations…and very little else. The soft-spoken star still relies on two facial expressions—smirk and scowl—to convey emotions, but recent weight gain has rendered him incapable of performing the martial-arts stunts that helped make his reputation. Throughout the film, Seagal conceals his bulk beneath long suede or leather coats, and his once-impressive hand-to-hand encounters have been reduced to a couple of judo flips and karate chops. An hour elapses before the plot, such as it is, becomes apparent. By that time, all but diehard Seagal fans will have lost interest. Yet, said diehards are still out there.