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anyone having trouble finding "the Foreigner" here in the US?

After two days of searching I finally found a copy of the foreigner at WalMart of all places, and it was by fluke. My friend needed something at 10:30pm and the only store open was WalMart and while there I decided to check the DVD's just for the heck of it. Before this I tried just about every type of store here in San Diego that sells DVD's and nobody received it on Tuesday, and on top of that half of them said they wouldn't be carrying it! ha ha. The ironic thing is that all the blockbusters around my area of town had it for rent on Tuesday, but nobody was selling it!!!!!

After watching it I must say I was pleasently suprised. I've seen every SS film since Marked For Death (minus The Patriot and Ticker), the day it was released in theaters, followed by multiple viewings before they went out of the theaters. Half Past Dead is the only SS film I only saw "once" in theaters. I was really disapointed with HPD. It had such great potential, but the cinematography just sucked. However The Foreigner is great. SS is back and bad as ever. I know HPD had the pull of Chestnut and JaRule, but they should have made HPD straight to video and released the Foreigner in theaters... Just my opinion though, I'm sure many won't agree. I am looking forward to next week when HPD is released, and I can watch it a few more times before passing to negative a judgement on it.



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Originally posted by Amos Stevens
Well the walmart here didn't have it, so had to break down & order it online & went ahead & pre-ordered Half Past Dead too.
There really not supposed to have it...it's still in the rental cuircuit..that's why Amazon and the others have it for over $100.....I see some for $20 on E-Bay.......but be careful that you aren't buying a 'screener'.....a screener will have a ad type thing come up in the video every 10 mts or so....