Attack Suite Johnny Messner From The Perfect Weapon


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Titus Paar contacted me:

Here we go again, selling the last piece I have from the film on ebay.
Johnny Messners attack suit from the film.
It has some of Johnnys real blood on it, he accidentally punched a mirror in the scene with Seagal and almost lost his fingers.
You can see his 16 stitches several times in the film since it happened on day 4 :)
But Johnny boy came back like a pro



I just finished watching this film.

Is it a good film? By what standard are you going by? Overall it is a grade Z movie, but by Seagal standards it's typical.

Seagal had got to be the laziest actor in the world. Seagal's costume looks like he just came off the street in his regular clothes . He couldn't even be bothered wearing different specs. He is not the star.

I won't go into the story as this film borrows everything from good sci-fi films and degrades them. Once again Seagal is a non action star with the heavy lifting on fight scenes being done by his stunt double .

Let me just say the only thing worse than this pap are people like me who continue to watch.


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I think 'Sniper' was the worst out of all Seagal's 2016 films...all Seagal did was sit at a table the whole film.
released like what......6 or 7 last year and this year(2017) nothing?