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Attrition Director's Cut?


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In the excellent interview DiDa made with director Mathieu Weschler, we learned that unfortunately some scenes were cut from the movie, including a sequence with Seagal in the jungle and a Muay Thai action scene (apparently filmed on several floors?).
Those scenes sound very interesting and I think it would be sad if they never see the light of the day.

With a running time of only around 85 minutes, I guess the movie won't end up too long if some sequences would be added to it.

What's your opinion about it? Would you like to see a Director's Cut of the movie or do you think the movie doesn't need any changes?

However, I don't remember any Direct to DVD action movies of the latest years who got a Director's Cut (or am I missing some examples?), so I guess chances are slim to none it would be made.

lee nicholson

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It's not too often that DTV movies get 'Directors Cut' treatment (sometimes they may, if perhaps the directors career takes off years down the line)
The 1997 Steve Wang movie 'DRIVE' (with Mark Dacascos) was STV upon it's original release...but later got released in a longer directors cut on DVD.
But perhaps, it's not too late that this footage be reinserted back into the movie....it depends if either Mahieu Weschler (or Saradan Media) can submit it before it gets mastered for U.S/UK distribution. Chances are though, I can't see it happening....But perhaps they could be added as deleted scenes?

But there's clearly different prints and versions used for recent Seagal movies.
The UK DVD for 'A Good Man' contained an onscreen visual that read 'GWEILO' (as Seagal announced it) but is missing in the Dutch print.
The UK DVD release of 'Contract To Kill' has no out-takes over the end credits, but the Sony Movie Channel (in the UK) aired a print that contained them?