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New Member
Hey folks,

i was on vacation in Croatia, but now im back to business... and by the way: I have my tickets for Steven Seagal @ Switzerland in September.



Die Hard Seagal fan!
Hey Hofmae, good to see you man!

How was your vacation in Croatia???
And it's great that you've your tickets for Steven Seagal in concert.

But Steven's record company has cancelled his 2 concerts in The Netherlands, where I was to supposted to go to... but well **** happens...

I'm glad he'll do his concert in Belgium, where I also go to ;)
But then I've no meet and greet with him :(

Well Welcome back Hofmae

Take care

greets take-sensei


New Member
yeah it was great, i was really impressed by this country. Everything (the Autobahn and so on) was extremely modern and professional. Great.