Behind the Scenes Under Siege 2

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Behind the scenes on 'Under Siege Two'
July 11, 1995

From Correspondent Dennis Michael

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN)--Steven Seagal is back as Casey Ryback, the commando-turned-cook from 'Under Siege.' in 'Under Siege Two: Dark Territory,' a new group of co-stars are along for a ride--this time on a train full of terrorists.

With the advances in film magic, it's getting hard to figure out what is really dangerous, and what is just actors loitering in front of a green screen. 'Under Siege Two: Dark Territory' used lots of the new techniques, but there were no slackers in the cast.

Steven Seagal plays the lead in "Under Siege Two: Dark Territory." He remarked, "We did hook up and hang off of mountains, and I guess anything could go wrong, something could break and you could fall. I did jump on a train and run down it while it was moving, and you could fall off there, and if you do you would probably get hurt if not die."

Of course Steven Seagal can be expected to do some of the dangerous stuff -- he's the hero. But what about the villain, actor Eric Bogosian, whose career up to now has mostly been one-man stage shows? He says, "Action movies, when they're filming them, they have to spend a lot of time thinking about the action. And they have to spend a lot of time making sure this stunt man doesn't get burned to a crisp, that this helicopter doesn't fall down, and so on."

And some of the supporting actors, like Morris Chestnut as Seagal's reluctant sidekick Bobby, and 16-year-old Katherine Heigl as Seagal's niece, find themselves doing things that they weren't expecting. For example, Heigl says, "In the sound stage I had to climb up a rope ladder to get to the helicopter, and I was climbing and climbing and doing the whole bit, and they say OK cut, and I stop -- and I look and realize I've gone almost into the rafters which have gotta be three stories high, and I'm terrified of heights. It was hard to get down."

Morris Chestnut has his own tale to tell. "We were in Colorado, and I remember there was this train track. Ten feet from the train track was this cliff that went down a hundred, two hundred feet, and right on the other side was this mountain. So you really couldn't go anywhere. The wind was blowing ferociously. That's when I started crying for my mama."

It was quite a ride for the cast of "Under Siege Two," but it may be the last ride for the character Casey Ryback. When asked whether we'll see Casey Ryback again, Steven Seagal laughed, "I hope not." Really? "I don't think that they should go on forever. You know?"


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Oregon Pacific GP7u #1810, wearing the company's latest red and white color scheme, rests at the Milwaukie, Ore. shops June 30, 2001. The unit is actually a movie star -- it was part of the train used in the Steven Seagal film "Under Siege II-Dark Terrority".