Belly Of The Beast


Hey girls,what are you talkin' here about?Am I to add a word?
Goddamn!Now that Steven's been making so many movies that I don't even get a chance to see them all.I can't seem to catch up with all of them...Slow down a bit,man!


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Why do you reckon he wore those jeans so tight?
Maybe to give us girls something to dream about?
Why do all other men fade into oblivion when I watch Steven? Why would I rather watch Steven on my own than with other people?
Is it so I can rewind my favourites scenes over and over again?
Luv & Peace


I Belong To Steven
Originally posted by Baseball Lady

I think it is because you and I get distracted by the same thing. A tall goodlooking guy with long hair that you just want to run your hands thru.:D
Now, what was I saying:confused: :confused:

BB Lady

Oh yes, BB LADY, that's my deepest wish...Heh...Someday, someday...But only him....;)


I Belong To Steven
Originally posted by tora
Hell...did I really say that?It's me who should raise the speed.Keep going,baby!

Oooh, yeeesss! Keep going Steven baby, ddon't stop! :eek:
Omg, this reminds me of the SSMB! Heh, oh well...:D