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This is totally submitted with a light-hearted laugh because it struck me as amazing and funny. Today while looking through Barnes & Noble Bookstore I came across the Dalai Lama's Altar Box, complete with a little Buddha. It is a really cool little box. Yet the thought of a "Buddha in a Box" almost had me laughing a genuine heart-laugh. Bless HH, it is a nice idea but I can help but imagine Buddha himself getting a laugh too :) :)


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Kinda like Jack in the box, huh? :D lol... His holiness is an amazing man...He has lots of inspiring books out too...:)

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Buddha in a Box 0811819507$22.95

The Buddha in a Box is a portable shrine, illustrated hardcover book, and meditation tool all in one. The book, which slides into the box to make an elegant backdrop for the statue of seated Buddha, tells the story of Prince Gautama, from the prediction of his destiny at birth through his encounter with the Four Sights to his enlightenment and the education of his first students. Illustrated with art from Japan, China, and India, the book also relates a brief history of Buddhism and includes sutras, mantras, and other prayers. Buddha in a Box makes a a thoughtful and practical gift for anyone interested in Buddhism.

Hardcover book, with 30 color illustrations, 96 pages, and small figure of the Buddha 2" x 2", in an attractive box that can be used as a portable shrine; 4 1/2" x 6 3/4."


Mama San

I'm not a Buddhist but I do believe that God has
a sense of humor so why not all humanity!
If there were more humor in this world perhaps
there would be less conflict, on all levels! Just a
God bless,
Mama san


I saw something like this the other day. It had the Buddha in with the book, but also came with some incense, a couple of small ink bowls and brush and small amount of paper. The idea was to read the book with the incense burning next to the Buddha, then to display your thoughts using the painting kit when you had finished the book. Was all very Zen looking.

Might actually go back to see how much it is, I quite liked it.


no, spent the money on other books!! but it is on my wish list for next time for sure!!

Hey, must say thanks Waki, awfully nice of you to do what you've done. Thanks bud!!


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The Art Of War---Sun Tzu & Sun Pin
The Unfettered Mind----Takuan Soho
The Sword Of No-Sword-----J.Stevens
Aikido & The Harmony of Nature-----Mitsugi Saotome

I have lots of reading to do!!
:eek: :cool:
I have a version of The Art of war, although its rather short and tiney.
John stevens is a good author. I one of his biographys of Master Morihei