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China Salesman 2 - Steven Seagal, Chuck Lidell

Can't believe anyone would seriously want a sequel to China Salesman.

Loved the fight between him and Tyson but then pretty much fell asleep for the rest of the movie.


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Really a strange idea.

I would prefer an original movie, not a sequel to a movie who Seagal appeared in a supporting role.


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I really can't see this happening! It's just a poster to draw buyers. Won't happen, because China Salesman was far from a financial succes.
The other guy in the poster looks like David Morse.

Am guessing it's Chuck Liddell, whoever Chuck Liddell is.

If there were any Seagal titles I'd like to see a sequel to, China Salesman certainly wouldn't be one of them.


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Just had a conversation with Daniel Zirilli. He was surprised the poster popped up. He did write a script for China Salesman 2 and it is not finished. That poster should not be anywhere, he mentioned. The same goes for a lot of other posters on the gunslinger site.

If something moves forward regarding China Salesman 2 he will let me know.
I do consider myself a serious Seagal fan, but I don't even own China Salesman on DVD.

The only part of it I enjoyed was the Seagal vs Tyson fight and just don't see the point in owning a DVD when I can see the only scene I enjoyed on Youtube.